Former Pennsylvania Priest Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse

October 18, 2018


Former Erie Diocese Priest David Poulson, 64, pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving children on Wednesday.

David Poulson, one of only two charged out of the 301 Pennsylvania predator priests named in Grand Jury report


A former Pennsylvania priest, one of hundreds of predator priests accused of rampant child abuse in the state, has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a boy and attempting to assault another.

David Poulson, 64, who had been a priest in the Diocese of Erie for four decades, pleaded guilty to corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children – third-degree felonies ― on Wednesday in Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas.

Paulson’s victims were 8 and 15 years old when authorities say he began abusing them between 2002 and 2010.

Poulson assaulted one of the boys more than 20 times in church rectories, forcing the child to give him confessionals about the abuse to “seek forgiveness for being sexually assaulted,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said at a press conference.

“Today, Poulson is being held accountable and facing justice for his crimes,” Shapiro said. “We will most certainly be seeking jail time for Father Poulson.”

He faces a maximum of 14 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. His sentencing will take place in 90 days.

Poulson was among the 301 priests named in a recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury report that detailed rampant sexual abuse that was ignored and covered up by the Catholic Church.

Bishop setting up exorcism team to combat ‘evil forces’

October 11, 2018
Image result for Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan
“I’m sorry if I’m scaring anybody.”
Oh, come off it Alphy. You want to scare everybody. You want to feel needed instead of being the irrelevant sod that you are.
A Catholic bishop has said he is establishing a “delivery ministry” group of people who will be attempting to rid people of “the devil” through exorcism.
Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan says he has received “several requests” from people to help deal with evil forces and one priest in his diocese of Waterford and Lismore is about to start training in the practice of exorcism.
Dr Cullinan warned against the possibility of users of reiki and other healing methods being exposed to evil spirits.
He said he was told by the brother of a reiki master that the man was “working on somebody one day when he actually says he saw a vision of Satan”. He was “scared out of his wits, dropped the reiki and went back to the church”.
Speaking on WLR FM’s Déise Live programme, the bishop said he has received about nine requests in recent years from people in relation to what they believe to be “evil” forces.
“I am just setting up a group, actually, of people who want to be part of delivery ministry, if you like.
“This is something that has to be done in secret because you don’t let these people’s names out and they are going to houses where people maybe have been involved in some kind of new age thing or some kind of seance or that kind of thing and, unfortunately, they’ve opened up a door to an evil force, Satan.”
He said he had never seen an exorcism himself. “But I have certainly felt the presence of evil,” he said. “I remember one particular priest, a friend of mine who I knew who was involved in one particular case, and it was a girl, a professional girl, young, who came with her mother, and there were four men, kind of rugby types, to hold her down in the chair, such strength she had.
“The priest had warned the four guys beforehand: just make sure you’ve gone to Confession and one guy didn’t go to Confession, one of the four, and the girl with a voice that wasn’t hers, it was a male voice coming out of her, actually called out the sins of your man, the guy who hadn’t gone to Confession,” the bishop said.

Catholic bishop in India arrested for repeatably raping nun

October 10, 2018



Image result for Bishop Franco Mulakkal

Franco Mulakkal, raped a 44 year old nun 13 times

But he looks so holy with in that costume, doesn’t he?


New Delhi (CNN)A Catholic bishop in India’s southern state of Kerala was arrested Friday in the alleged rape of a nun, according to a police official.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been accused of raping a nun multiple times between 2014 and 2016 in a case that has drawn widespread attention in India, where it remains rare for members of the church to accuse senior clergy of wrongdoing publicly.
Vijay Sakhare, inspector general of police of Kochi Range, Kerala, confirmed the arrest.
CNN has reached out to Mulakkal’s diocese for comment but has not received a reply. Representatives for Mulakkal told CNN last week the bishop is innocent.
“It is a fake allegation. We are all with the bishop,” the Rev. Peter Kavumpuram, a spokesman for the diocese, told CNN. “There is an anti-Christian movement; people are trying to manipulate the truth.”

The news comes after days of protests by nuns calling for Mulakkal’s arrest.
Police had earlier said they were looking for more evidence before making an arrest.
“After our investigation, we have enough evidence that the bishop, prima facie, has committed the crime,” Sakhare said, adding that Mulakkal, who has not been charged, will appear in magistrate court Saturday.

The Joint Christian Council, an umbrella organization of independent church groups, accused the police of deliberately putting the investigation on a slow track under pressure from church leaders and state politicians.
The 44-year-old nun, who has not been named, first filed a police report in June, accusing Mulakkal of raping her 13 times between 2014 and 2016. She alleged the abuse occurred while Mulakkal was staying in Kerala in a guest house belonging to the St. Francis Mission Home.

Elder and pastor accused of sex crimes are from same B.C. church

October 8, 2018


Bus driver facing child sex charges

Creepy looking Brian Batke, charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation 

The Surrey, B.C. church whose former elder, Brian Batke, is facing charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation was at the centre of another sexual assault case one year ago.

Samuel Emerson was a pastor and his wife Madelaine was a member of the Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church when they were charged with 25 combined counts in October 2017, including sexual assault and touching for a sexual purpose.

The Emersons have since pleaded not guilty.

Authorities said those alleged crimes took place between 2015 and 2017, while the allegations against Batke date all the way back to 2005. The elder ended his association with the church that same year, according to police.

Surrey RCMP said the allegations against Batke, which were not reported to them until 2017, involve a victim who was underage at the time.

CTV News does not identify victims of sexual assault, and the case is subject to a publication ban that otherwise prevents identifying information from appearing in the media.

Cloverdale Christian Fellowship Church did not return calls for comment from CTV News on Thursday, and 72-year-old Batke was not interested in speaking about the case outside court.

“No comment,” Batke said.

Apart from Batke’s association with the church, authorities revealed he has been a driver for the Coast Mountain Bus Company for about 13 years.

“We are releasing details on his community associations and employment because our investigators feel there may be other victims who have yet to come forward,” Cpl. Elenore Sturko said. “They’re looking to talk to these people, if they’re willing.”

TransLink, which runs Coast Mountain Bus Company, told CTV News that Batke has been placed on administrative leave and won’t be returning to work pending the outcome of the case.

Priest sentenced to 15 years for sexual assault of minor

October 8, 2018


'Padre Meño:' 15 years in jail.

Manuel Riojas Martínez, serial child abuser

A Catholic priest has been sentenced to 15 years in jail without parole for the sexual assault of a minor at a Coahuila seminary.

Juan Manuel “Padre Meño” Riojas Martínez was sentenced yesterday by a court in Coahuila that had issued a guilty verdict last week.

At the time of the crime Riojas was the director of a seminary in Piedras Negras and his victim was one of the minors in his care.

The sentence was handed down in a unanimous decision by the three judges overseeing the case after a seven-hour hearing.

The prosecution sought a sentence of 23 years, while the defense asked for a lesser sentence and an order that the priest wear an ankle bracelet and not serve the time in a penal facility. Both were denied.

Riojas has been in prison since August 2017 when he turned himself in after being a fugitive from justice for more than five months.

Riojas was also ordered to pay compensation, the amount of which will be established later by the court.

The plaintiff in the case, Roberto Javier Calzada Tamez, filed a formal complaint against Riojas in 2017, an accusation that preceded another by Ignacio Martínez Pacheco, who declared that Riojas abused him when he was 15 years old.

Since then, 11 accusations of pedophilia have been filed against Riojas and five other Catholic priests, leading to claims of a veiled “network of pedophiles” in the Catholic church in Coahuila.

The case is considered historic in the northern state as the bishop of Piedras Negras, Alonso Garza Treviño, was summoned as a witness, along with several priests and Riojas himself.

Two Ohio Pastors arrested by the FBI for sex trafficking

October 8, 2018



Image result for pastor Cordell Jenkins
Two Toledo Pastors are under arrest and charged with sex crimes against kids. The FBI is investigating this case. Agents have arrested and charged pastor Cordell Jenkins and pastor Anthony Haynes for alleged sex crimes against children.

Cardiff imam jailed for 13 years after abusing girls during mosque Quran lessons

October 8, 2018


Mohammed Haji Saddique has been jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for 13 years after he sexually touched four young girls during Koran lessons

An imam who sexually touched four young girls during Quran lessons at a mosque has been jailed for 13 years.

Mohammed Haji Saddique, 81, would call the pupils to sit next to him and read in Arabic from the Muslim holy book.

He sexually touched the girls in front of his class and slapped students repeatedly if they made mistakes during lessons.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Saddique – of Cyncoed, Cardiff – had metal and wooden sticks, which he used to poke the children as they studied.

Medical experts weigh in on case of terminally-ill Charlie Gard
Saddique, who taught at the Madina Mosque in Cardiff for more than 30 years, was convicted of the offences following a trial.

A jury found him guilty of 14 offences – six indecent assaults and eight sexual assaults – that took place between 1996 and 2006.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC jailed Saddique for 13 years and ordered him to register as a sex offender indefinitely.

“All four complainants were very brave indeed in overcoming not only personal but cultural barriers which they faced in making formal complaints and giving evidence against you,” the judge said.

“There is a darker, deviant side to you which this trial has exposed. This was a gross breach of trust – parents sending their young, female children to be taught the Quran by you.”

Saddique, who insisted the allegations were a conspiracy by other members of the mosque, has “no idea” of the harm caused by his actions, the judge said.

The court heard Saddique was born in Hong Kong and moved to Pakistan before coming to the UK in 1967, eventually settling in Cardiff.

He was a member of the Madina Mosque and was involved in running it, including as a treasurer and teaching Q studies to primary school pupils.

Classes took place four times per week after school and pupils referred to the imam as ‘Uncle Saddique’ as a mark of respect, the court heard.

“You would attempt to maintain discipline and concentration by tapping or slapping the child sitting next to you who didn’t read correctly,” the judge said.

“Every time one of these small children made a mistake you would slap them until they got it right and slap them for every mistake they made.”

Police first launched an investigation in 2006 following complaints by two girls but Saddique denied any wrongdoing.

The investigation was restarted in 2016 after two other girls came forward.

Saddique would touch the girls under their traditional loose-fitting clothing during his lessons, and rub them against his groin and legs.

In victim impact statements read to the court, the girls, now in their 20s, spoke of the lasting impact of Saddique’s offending.

Speaking of one, the judge said: “It has put her off religion, she deliberately doesn’t own a Quran.

“[For her] the ethos of going to the mosque at any time is that when you are there, God is protecting you.

“Her idea was shattered because you abused her when she was reading from the holy book.”

Another victim said giving evidence went against “the culture and ethos of those who follow the Islamic faith” and she feared there would be consequences for Saddique’s conviction.

Rapid City Priest Arrested for Sexual Contact with a Minor

September 6, 2018


Image result for Praveen Kumar Itukulapati

John Praveen (AKA John Praveen Kumar Itukulapati), child molester


On October 2nd, local law enforcement arrested 38-year-old John Praveen (AKA John Praveen Kumar Itukulapati) for two counts of Sexual Contact with a Child Under 16, a class 3 felony which carries a punishment of up to 15 years in prison and/or a $30,000 fine on each count.
The investigation began on September 30th, when a juvenile victim came forward to report the incidents. The investigation revealed that Praveen made sexual contact with the child on two separate occasions. Praveen has served as a temporary priest within the Rapid City area since early summer of 2018.

Pope says Catholic Church should not be judged by modern standards over sexual abuse scandal

September 28, 2018


The pope said the Catholic Church should not be judged by modern standards over the sexual abuse scandal. Pictured: A gust of wind blows Pope Francis' mantel as he leads the Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican

Because until very recently it was just fine for priests to fuck children. Right? So back off, critics,


The pope said the Catholic Church should not be judged by modern standards over sexual abuse scandals as he refused to answer awkward questions in a carefully choreographed press conference on board the papal plane yesterday.

Heading home from a four-day tour of the Baltics, the pope’s spokesman said Francis would only take questions about the trip despite a bombshell report revealing that 3,700 children had been sexually assaulted by priests in Germany.
He did eventually get to the thorny topic and admitted that historic abuse by clerics in several countries was ‘monstrous.’
But he insisted the Church should not be judged by modern standards because attitudes towards abuse, which he said happens not just in the Church but in society generally, have changed dramatically over the years.

Catholic Church Releases New Molestation-Proof Altar Boy Uniform

September 26. 2018



VATICAN CITY—Claiming the vestments represent a vital step in ameliorating the church’s centuries-long history of addressing sexual abuse with subsequent cover-ups, the Catholic Church introduced a line of wrought iron molestation-proof altar boy uniforms Monday. “With these new impenetrable steel robes, Catholic altar boys can now serve the Lord and assist with Mass without the shame or fear of tempting otherwise pious clergymen,” a joint statement by senior Vatican officials read in part, explaining that the full-coverage metal loin-girdings are available to fit all sizes and ranges of youth’s suppleness and are guaranteed to spurn the fingers of any priest who attempts to violate its boundaries.

“The ceremonial six-inch-thick wrought iron vestments also boast a built-in alarm system; if the wearer is touched anywhere below the navel, a loud recording warns the offender to stay back in both the local dialect and High Latin. It is greatly hoped that with the implementation of these suits, we can finally spread the word of God in peace without the constant inconvenience and expense of shuffling priests from parish to parish after they’ve succumbed to the not-inconsiderable temptations of the younger members of our church.”

Vatican officials clarified that neither they nor the manufacturer were responsible for any priests who somehow figure out a way to get inside the suit with an altar boy.


Thanks to for this story.

Belgian report lists hundreds of pedophilia cases in Catholic Church

September 26, 2018


Image result for belgian bishop

Andre-Joseph Leonard, part of the problem


A Belgian commission investigating sexual abuse within the Catholic Church said that the 475 cases of abuse reported in the first six months of the year extended to all parts of the country.
“We can say that no part of the country escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members,” said the authors of a report published on Friday.
The chairman of the Church-backed commission, Peter Adriaenssens, said that the majority of witnesses came forward after a bishop resigned in April over sexual abuse, causing turmoil within the Belgian church.
Most of the allegations were related to pedophilia committed by clergy members between the 1950s and late 1980s. However, claims were also made against teachers and adults working with youth movements.
The report reveals that abuse for most victims began at the age of 12, although one child was aged two and several were under seven.

Sex Abuse Crisis Has Driven Young Catholics Away From The Church Says Pope Obvious XXVIII

September 26. 2018


Pope Francis gives a speech during an ecumenical meeting with young people on Sept. 25, 2018, at the Charles Lutheran church


Pope Francis on Tuesday acknowledged that young people are being driven away from the Roman Catholic Church because of the way it has handled the problem of clerical sexual abuse.


Speaking to a room of young people during his trip to Estonia, Francis said the church needs to change its ways in order to regain the trust of future generations, The Associated Press reported.

“Many young people do not turn to us for anything (except butt sex and blow jobs) because they don’t feel we have anything meaningful to say to them.,” Francis told the ecumenical Christian gathering at a church in Tallinn, according to a translation from the Catholic News Agency.

The Catholic Church has for months been roiled by renewed calls for accountability regarding clerical sexual abuse. Around the world, victims, advocates, public officials and Catholics in the pews have called out senior church officials for not doing enough to hold accountable predatory priests and the bishops who cover for them. The scandal reached the highest levels of the church this August, when a former Vatican official accused Francis and other high-ranking clergy of covering up the sexual misconduct of a disgraced ex-cardinal.

Francis, who has yet to respond clearly to the accusations, told the gathered Estonian youth that he understands young people are shocked by the scandal and by other failings of the church.

Young people “are outraged by sexual and economic scandals that do not meet with clear condemnation, by our unpreparedness to really appreciate the lives and sensibilities of the young, and simply by the passive role we assign them,” the pope said.

Spoiler alert – the pope is part of the problem,

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