Frequently Asked Questions


Q         Does the site get attacked for its content?

A         We get hacking attempts daily. most originating from Catholic countries. The current average is over 3,000 per day. with the highest at over 26,000  on one particular day. We are pleased that we cause that level of outrage. We do get lots of emails, most of them supportive of our efforts.



Q         Why don’t you ever write anything nice about the pope?

A         Because the site is FuckThePope.com, not HeyWeReallyLikeThePope.com.


Q         Do you agree with Dr. Ben Carson that being a Muslim is incompatible with holding the office of President of the United States?

A         We think that adherence to any religion is incompatible with holding that office when those beliefs supersede the law.


Q         Why did you choose the domain name FuckThePope.com?

A         We chose it because we did not want to appear hostile.


Q         How do I register?

A         You can register by clicking on ‘Register’ under the title ‘Meta’ on the right of the screen. Once you register you will receive your password by email; you can then log in to FuckThePope.com to comment on existing posts.


Q        How many members of your board of directors have been raped or molested by Catholic clergy?   

 A.      An overwhelming majority.


Q         Is the moderator’s name really Engelbert Humperdink?

A         No, of course not.  His real name is Bob Humperdink but we all thought that sounded funny.


Q         What is the capital of Burundi?   (Yes, for some reason we often get this question)

A        The capital of Burundi is Bujumbura.




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