Rio de Janeiro, Brazil    01/18/2015

A Miss BumBum runner-up said her obsession with plastic surgery backfired and almost ended her life.

Andressa Urach won second place in the 2012 Miss BumBum competition, a beauty contest in which online voters pick the woman with the country’s top bottom.

To accentuate her figure, Urach told the Daily Mail, she had chemical filler injections for more full looking legs. But in 2013, the fillers started rotting her body tissue.

The real trouble began during a procedure to remove the chemicals in November. She went into septic shock, probably because of an infection from an unclean medical instrument, Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, told the Mail.



Urach’s mother, Marisete De Favari told Brazil’s Globo that she expected her daughter to recover.

“I’m sure that my dear Jesus is wonderful and will cure it,” she said.


We’ll check back in a few months and see how that’s going for her. Let’s hope that they don’t have to amputate her leg because so far there is not a single instance of Jesus curing an amputee; not a single one in two thousand years. Does He just hate amputees or is He for some reason incapable of curing things that are observable?