December 7, 2018




A New Orleans pastor is in hot water after allegedly pulling a gun on a transgender sex worker in late November. Wilfred Brown (no photo available) pastor at Evariste Temple Church of God in Christ was arrested on November 20th after the sexual tryst went wrong. Authorities charged Brown with illegally pointing a pistol at Kourtney Smalls as well as soliciting a prostitute.


According to an article in the New Orleans Advocate, Brown and Smalls met on November 20th. Police investigating the case believe Brown picked Smalls up at 10:30 pm. The state trooper report said Brown stopped near an intersection and solicited Smalls to engage in a sexual act.


Shortly after Smalls entered the car, Smalls told police that Brown put on a condom. Brown then initiated the sexual act with her. According to Smalls, the incident went south when Brown realized that she was a transgender woman.


In the police report presenting in court, Smalls told authorities that Brown chased her down the street at gunpoint in a fit of rage. While Smalls ran for her life, she called 911 and asked for help.


Police made contact with Smalls, and they took her side of the story. Shortly after talking with Smalls, police pulled Brown over as he left the area.


When police approached the vehicle, authorities found Brown’s pants unzipped. They located an empty condom wrapper outside of the parked car. Authorities also found a bottle Viagra in Brown’s back-pocket.


Naturally, Brown’s recollection of the events starkly contrasted Smalls’ account. Brown said that he picked up Smalls to offer her a ride because of the cold temperatures outside. Brown told the Advocate he only planned to have a conversation with Smalls.


According to Brown, everything went wrong when Smalls forcibly reached into his front pocket and stole a wad of cash. Brown said Smalls took around $370.00. After Smalls robbed and punched him, Brown said he pulled the gun out to defend himself.


After taking accounts from both individuals, police arrested them both for their roles in the incident. Police charged Brown with aggravated assault and soliciting a prostitute. Authorities charged Smalls with simple robbery. Both were taken to the station and booked on November 20th.


Brown immediately posted a $500 bond and was released until his court date. Smalls remains in jail due to a probation violation for a 2015 conviction on four charges of simple robbery.


Despite the evidence against him, Brown told the Advocate that he would sue “if necessary” for the false accusations made by Smalls. He insists that because he has diabetes and has high blood pressure, he would never solicit a prostitute.