November 29, 2018


Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett, 28, was arrested after allegedly abusing the 3-year-old child on Sunday

Jacop Robert Hazlett, caught blowing a 3 year old

maybe that’s why he volunteered at the church

Only an incredibly negligent parent would allow their child to attend church.



  • Jacop Robert Hazlett, 28, was arrested after being filmed with the toddler
  • An affidavit says that Hazlett was recorded performing oral sex on the child
  • Investigators say Hazlett led the toddler to the restroom and assaulted him
  • The church told parents they had carried out all requisite background checks 


A church volunteer who was caught on a security camera performing oral sex on a toddler is being held.

Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett, 28, was arrested after police say he escorted a three-year-old into a bathroom where he sexually assaulted the child on Sunday at the NewSpring Church, in Charleston, South Carolina.

An affidavit states that Hazlett was recorded on cameras leading the child to the bathroom where he performed the sex act.

In a statement handed out yesterday by the church, they stated: ‘In the videos, it appears there was inappropriate conduct by Hazlett.

‘We immediately took steps to prevent Hazlett from volunteering in any capacity at our church in the future and, at the same time, we reported this information to law enforcement.’