First of all, religion is like a penis. It’s fine that you have one, it’s fine that you’re proud of it – but don’t start showing it off in public.

Second of all, religion is … well, it’s basically insanity. Imagine that I stood up in public and declared that I found it justified to murder anyone who prefers Star Wars over Star Trek, or Lord of the Rings over Harry Potter. I’d be hauled off to jail and/or a psychiatric evaluation before my second breath.

Imagine I said that my invisible friend tells me to cut off a piece of my newborn child because it says so in the Silmarillion. That child would be taken away by Child Protective Services.

Imagine I pointed to Jabba the Hutt’s slave girls and said THIS is proof that a man has a right to own his wife as if she was property.

But … point instead to a bunch of stories told by illiterate goat shepherds thousands of years ago, and suddenly it is religion and protected. Not just islam, but all of religion. Christianity doesn’t get a free pass on this one.

Religion is pure and simple collective insanity. Religious wars are akin to a toddler tantrum over WHOSE invisible friend is the BEST (only) invisible friend.

Freedom of religion should extend to within your own four walls, not a step beyond them. In the public space it should be freedom FROM religion.