November 23, 2016





The Prophet of Doom: South African pastor claims he can cure cancer and HIV by spraying ‘Doom’ pesticide into people’s faces
Lethebo Rabalago is a self-proclaimed prophet in Limpopo province
Tiger Brands said: ‘It is unsafe to spray Doom onto people’s faces’
Actress Boity Thulo tweeted: ‘It breaks my heart…people so easily duped’

A company which makes a pesticide called Doom has reacted angrily after a South African pastor said he could cure cancer and HIV by spraying it in people’s faces.
In a Facebook post Lethebo Rabalago, who claims to be a prophet, says he can ‘heal people’ by spraying them with Doom.
On social media Mr Rabalago, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo province near the border with Mozambique, can be seen spraying the insecticide directly into the eyes of people attending his congregation.