The Catholic church’s greed knows no bounds.

Greedy Pope Francis

“These suckers will buy anything!”

For a measly $25,000 contribution, you can meet Pope Francis. This is far better than giving the money to charity or feeding the hungry, because who doesn’t want to brag that they blew 25 grand on meeting the leader of the world’s most delusional religion?, which sells deluxe travel and adventure opportunities, celebrity encounters, and “fine culinary options” with famous chefs is offering a “once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Pope Francis plus a gala and a six-day trip to the Mediterranean,” for just $25,000 for two people.

The $25,000 package includes a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet His Holiness and experience a true VIP treatment at the Vatican City,” getting your picture taken with the pope, a “Ping Pong Diplomacy Cocktail Reception” and gala dinner.

No word on if the meeting includes a hand-job or other tangible benefits from his Holiness.