In Manila on January 15, 2015 Pope Francis pontificated (as only he can) on the subject of free speech. “There are limits,” he said. “You cannot provoke, you cannot insult other people’s faith, you cannot mock it.”*

I can see that this could be the start of a trend. Some people in the media spotlight may declare certain subjects off limits for humor.


Some possible coming declarations –

Bill Cosby was quoted this week in Hollywood Insider Magazine as saying “Free speech is all well and good but no one should ever make jokes about serial rapists. There are limits. The pope even said so. If I find out you’re making jokes about serial rapists I will come to your house and rape you. You’ll be walking funny for a week. Seriously. Watch it.”


Lloyd Craig Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, said in an interview on CNN that making jokes about so-called ‘banksters’, and how they rob the middle and lower classes, is off limits. “Enough is enough. Some things are not to be ridiculed. Money is our God and we are His priests. No more banker jokes. The pope was right when he said there are limits to free speech.”


A newborn baby has died after its mother doused it in a flammable liquid, set it alight and left it burning in a road. On 19 January 2015, eitnesses say 22-year-old Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier got out of her car and stopped in the middle of Simontown Road in Pemberton Township, New Jersey, on Friday night and burned the child alive. **

When taken into custody, Ms. Dorvilier said, “Don’t you be jokin’ on mothers burnin’ they newborn babies. It ain’t right to do that. It’s a sin. There be limits to what you can say and I’m the crazy bitch who set some of them limits. Me an’ that pope guy. So shut the fuck up.” ***

* Yeah? Watch me.

** This story is true.

*** We made this quote up but you get the idea. We assume that God told her to do it.


You can find an excellent rant by Brian Keith Dalton on the pope’s self-serving bullshit statements on free speech at –


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