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Imam jailed for home tutor sex attacks on sisters


November 29, 2018


Faruque Ahmed, child molester


An Islamic tutor has been jailed for 14 years for sexually abusing two young girls during home study sessions.

Faruque Ahmed was employed to teach the sisters Arabic during two-hour lessons held every weekend at their home in the Black Country.

But over the two-year period, the 46-year-old routinely sexually assaulted the youngsters underneath the marble dining room table around which the classes were held on Saturdays and Sundays between 2009 and 2011.

The young girls kept quiet about the abuse – until one of the sisters told an NHS mental health nurse about the offences in September 2016.

A specially trained Public Protection Officer from West Midlands Police then spoke to the younger girl and uncovered the extent of Ahmed’s abuse.

She disclosed how Ahmed, a Imam living in Stoke, regularly touched her between the legs – and told how she would be struck with a bamboo cane if she resisted.

Ahmed was arrested in February 2017 and in interview he admitted tutoring the two girls but denied ever assaulting them.

He was charged with multiple counts of sexual touching a child and sexual assault of a child.

He was jailed for 14 years having been found guilty on 10 of the 13 counts against him at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday.

He was also given a sexual harm prevention order – preventing him from working with children – and will be on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

Detective Constable Sarah West, from West Midlands Police’s Child Abuse Unit, said: “Both victims want to raise awareness within their community and to urge anyone who’s suffered abuse to speak out.

“They know first-hand how victims can feel pressured to remain silent – that by reporting offences it somehow brings shame on the family – but they recognise now that by doing so it allows offenders to continue offending and puts other children at risk.

“The girls have now got justice for the horrible abuse inflicted on them by Ahmed and are getting the support they need to move on with their lives… and they want other survivors of abuse to do the same.

“They felt powerless to speak at the time, they were scared young girls, confused, and didn’t really know what was happening. They had never had any sex education discussions either with their parents or at school.

“One of the girls described how it was surreal at the time – whilst abusing them under the table he would continue teaching Arabic, he was very calm and natural so no-one would realise there was anything untoward going on.

“With the passing of time, though, it’s become clear to them that they were being abused by a sexual predator – and they have now found the courage to speak out to get justice and potentially spared other girls the trauma of suffering at his hands.

Volunteer is caught performing oral sex on a child, 3, on a megachurch’s camera

November 29, 2018


Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett, 28, was arrested after allegedly abusing the 3-year-old child on Sunday

Jacop Robert Hazlett, caught blowing a 3 year old

maybe that’s why he volunteered at the church

Only an incredibly negligent parent would allow their child to attend church.



  • Jacop Robert Hazlett, 28, was arrested after being filmed with the toddler
  • An affidavit says that Hazlett was recorded performing oral sex on the child
  • Investigators say Hazlett led the toddler to the restroom and assaulted him
  • The church told parents they had carried out all requisite background checks 


A church volunteer who was caught on a security camera performing oral sex on a toddler is being held.

Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett, 28, was arrested after police say he escorted a three-year-old into a bathroom where he sexually assaulted the child on Sunday at the NewSpring Church, in Charleston, South Carolina.

An affidavit states that Hazlett was recorded on cameras leading the child to the bathroom where he performed the sex act.

In a statement handed out yesterday by the church, they stated: ‘In the videos, it appears there was inappropriate conduct by Hazlett.

‘We immediately took steps to prevent Hazlett from volunteering in any capacity at our church in the future and, at the same time, we reported this information to law enforcement.’

Exorcist slams Celine Dion’s gender-neutral kids’ clothing line, claiming it is SATANIC and that the ‘stereotype-free’ designs are a ‘ploy’ of the devil

November 28, 2018


Zeroing in on the real threats to today's youth: Msgr. John Esseff has been a priest of 65 years, and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years,

John Esseff, crazy as a shithouse rat


  • The 50-year-old singer released her own 70-piece collection of gender-neutral kid’s clothes with the brand NUNUNU
  • Called CELINUNUNU, the clothes feature ‘stereotype-free styles’
  • Msgr. John Esseff, a priest of 65 years, and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years, slammed the line
  • He said ‘the way this gender thing has spread is demonic’ and ‘to say that there is no difference [between genders] is satanic’
  • Celine, who was raised Catholic, baptized her three children 


Twenty years after her number one song I’m Your Angel was released, Celine Dion is being accused of being in league with the devil by a Catholic exorcist.
Earlier this month, the 50-year-old released her own children’s clothing collection, a partnership with the brand NUNUNU that features 70 ‘stereotype-free styles’ of gender-neutral clothes.
But a Pennsylvania-based priest and exorcist told the National Catholic Register that the line is ‘satanic,’ and that erasing gender differences, even in children’s clothing, is a ploy of the devil himself.
Celine Dion’s collection, called CELINUNUNU, includes T-shirts, pants, leggings, sweatshirts, and even a leather jacket that can be worn by any child, regardless of gender.
Most of the prices hover around $65, though the leather jacket costs $290. The singer partnered with the brand’s founders to create the collection.
Zeroing in on the real threats to today’s youth: Msgr. John Esseff has been a priest of 65 years, and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years,
The designs also features skulls, cross bones, and Illuminati eyes.
The French-Canadian singer has three sons herself: René-Charles Angelil, 17, and twins Nelson and Eddy, eight.
‘I’ve always loved NUNUNU and what they represent. Partnering with Iris [Adler] and Tali [Milchberg] to encourage a dialogue of equality and possibility makes so much sense.’
‘CELINUNUNU lets children choose outside stereotypes and norms so they can bring from within their own tastes and preferences,’ she continued.
‘We help them feel free, creative, inspired, respectful of one another and happy in the world.’
But Msgr. John Esseff is not convinced by her positive language and goals.
Esseff, who was once a spiritual director to Saint Teresa of Calcutta, has been a priest for 65 years, as well as an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years.

Former priest arrested for sexual abuse of young boys

November 23, 2018


Image result for Thomas Ericksen

Thomas Ericksen, child sex abuser

HAYWARD, Wis. (AP) — A former priest is accused of sexually abusing at least three boys while he was stationed at St. Peter’s Church in Winter, Wisconsin, decades ago.

Seventy-one-year-old Thomas Ericksen was arrested Nov. 16 at his home in Minneapolis. He faces child sexual assault charges for the alleged abuse between June 1982 and April 1983.

Prosecutors declined to provide details to USA Today Network-Wisconsin as to why so much time elapsed before charges were filed.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Ericksen has an attorney. A listed home telephone number couldn’t be found.

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis says Ericksen was removed from the priesthood in 1988.

Imam gets life sentence for sexually molesting his nine-year-old step-son

November 23, 2018


Image result for imam silhouette having sex


An unnamed imam in Malindi, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting his nine-year-old stepson and bought his silence with Sh10, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Malindi Senior Principal Magistrate Sylvia Wewa said the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that the Madrassa teacher sodomised the minor on March 23, 2016.

Ms Wewa said the religious leader, 37, had betrayed the trust of stepson who looked upon him for care, love, shelter, food and education.

Earlier this month, Ms Wewa gave the prosecution two weeks to conduct a social audit of the accused before he is sentenced.

The convict, who has two similar cases in court, was given 14 days to appeal the sentence.

Mr Francis Auma, an official at Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri), welcomed the verdict.

Let this be a lesson to all children molesters,” he said in a statement adding, “having worked with the family over the years, Muhuri will continue to seek justice and ensure rule of law is followed to the latter”.

Former pastor and critic of gun control charged in Catholic supply store murder and sexual attack

November 23, 2018



Thomas Bruce, from pastor to rapist and murderer


A man who formerly worked as a pastor is facing murder, sodomy and kidnapping charges for attacking three women at a Catholic Supply store in the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin.
On Wednesday, St. Louis County authorities charged Thomas Bruce — 53 of Imperial,  Missouri — in connection with a deadly Monday attack at the religious supply store.
Bruce, who had written on social media about his opposition to “gun-free zones,” allegedly began the attack by retrieving a handgun after shopping in the store.
He’s accused of forcing three women into a back room at gunpoint. There, he allegedly exposed himself and ordered them to “perform deviant sexual acts on him,” according to a criminal complaint.
When one of the women refused to comply, Bruce shot her in the head.
He ordered the other women to continue the sexual acts and he later fled the scene.
“It seems to me a guy like this saw an opportunity — three women in the store alone,” St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch said. It is not believed Bruce targeted the store for religious reasons, according to McCulloch.
Saying he’s served as a police officer for more than three decades, Jon Belmar — ​​​the county’s police chief — called the crime “one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever had occasion to investigate” in a statement published on social media Wednesday.
Bruce has religious connections in his past.
He founded an evangelical Christian church called Calvary Chapel in 2003. He also has been associated with several other ministries and churches across the state.
Bruce worked at Calvary Chapel as a pastor for a few dozen people until 2007, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, citing David Fitzgerald, a pastor at an affiliated church in the area.
A survey of Bruce’s social media presence shows that he’s spoken publicly against gun control and about veterans’ issues.
“We should stop expecting criminals to follow the rules,” he wrote last week. I’m hoping we end gun-free zones and put the criminals on notice that they will be stopped.”
He has posted often about veterans’ issues, including a call to action just last week for people to support veterans who are considering suicide.
Bruce served in the U.S. Navy in the 1980s.
Bruce’s arrest brought an end to a two-day manhunt. In the wake of the attack, some schools, churches and businesses closed in the area.
Bruce faces 17 counts, including first-degree murder, sodomy and attempted sodomy, kidnapping and other crimes. It wasn’t yet clear if he had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.
He has no previous criminal record in Missouri beyond a traffic ticket.
Bruce is jailed without bond and could be eligible for the death penalty. Good.

Leaked sex tape shows Taiwanese Buddhist master having drug-fueled gay orgy with other monks at the temple

November 23, 2018


Kai Hung was reportedly the secretary-general of the Chinese Young Buddhist Association

Kai Hung, or as his fellow monks refer to him ‘Kai Well-Hung’


Buddhist master Kai Hung, once an aspiring figure in Taiwan’s religious world, is seen saying ‘do you want more’, ‘I love my husband’ and ‘my husband is super amazing’ in an incoherent manner in one of the clips released by local news outlet Mirror Media on Monday.

While two other clips show the monk, reported to be 29 years old, taking drugs and having sex with different men.

The monk was arrested by police on Tuesday during a raid into the Chongfo Temple in Taiwan.

So far, three explicit clips have been published, but Mirror Media reported Kai Hung had had a total of 200 gigabytes of footage filmed of his wild gatherings.

Kai Hung is said to lead a ‘chaotic’ lifestyle involving sex and meat, which are strictly prohibited by the Buddhist philosophy.

According to Mirror Media’s report, the footage was leaked by another monk as an act of revenge. The other monk, called Shan Zhi, was said to be Kai Hung’s jilted ex-lover who had become a monk in order to be with Kai Hung.

The article also said the couple fell out when Kai Hung was expelled from Tongshan Temple in eastern Taiwan’s Miaoli County in September because of his ‘behavioural problems’.

Mirror Media’s investigation discovered that Kai Hung had the long-term habit of using drugs and often organised sex parties with monks and other men at the temple.

Afterwards, Kai Hung reportedly moved to another temple in the same county, called Chongfo, to ‘study Buddhist doctrine’.

The monk, said to be 29 years old, has also been accused of taking drugs during the party.

Kai Hung was previously the secretary-general of the Chinese Young Buddhist Association, and was regarded as an up-and-coming Buddhist star, reported Taiwan’s Liberty Times Net.

Prosecutors and police on Tuesday launched a raid into the Chongfo Temple after the scandalous footage had emerged on the internet, reported Taipei Times today, citing Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Officers reportedly found 19 grams of amphetamine tablets in Kai Hung’s chamber as well as Viagra and condoms.

They also discovered that Kai Hung had replaced the holy water in his room with lubricant, reports said.

American missionary is shot dead with arrows by protected tribe that he tried to convert to Christianity

November 21, 2018


John Allen Chau (pictured) was killed by arrows shot by protected tribesmen living on a remote Indian island after he arrived there in a bid to convert them to Christianity

John Allen Chau found that some people have no patience with missionaries 


An American missionary was killed by arrows shot by protected tribesmen living on a remote Indian island after he arrived there in a bid to convert them to Christianity.

John Allen Chau, 27, of Vancouver, Washington, paid local fishermen to help him get to North Sentinel Island, one of the world’s most isolated regions in India’s Andaman islands.

Chau took a boat ride with the fishermen before venturing alone in a canoe to North Sentinel Island, where the indigenous people live cut off completely from the outside world.

As soon as he set foot on the island, which is off-limits to visitors, Chau found himself facing a flurry of arrows, official sources said.

But the Sentinelese who killed Chau can’t be prosecuted as contact with them and several tribes on the islands is illegal in a bid to protect their indigenous way of life and shield them from diseases.

Indian police said a murder case had been registered against ‘unknown tribesmen’ and seven people arrested in connection with the death.

Their names have not been released, but they are the fishermen who took Chau to the island.

A police source told Reuters that Chau was a preacher who had visited the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the past.

El Al diverts flight after ultra-orthodox Jewish religious passengers become violent

November 17, 2018
We added this to our list of stupid religious tantrums.
Image result for el al
Ultra-Orthodox passengers onboard a pair of Israel-bound El Al planes that took off from New York on Thursday caused an uproar, with some reportedly becoming violent, over fears they would be mid-flight after the start of the Jewish Shabbat.
One of the planes ultimately diverted to Athens. The second plane was also considering diverting, to Rome, but in the end continued its flight to Ben Gurion Airport as scheduled, because of a medical condition affecting one passenger.
Both of the flights had been delayed by hours on Thursday due to stormy weather in the Midwest and East Coast that led to the delay or cancellation of hundreds of flights.
As a result, in the course of the flights, a number of passengers grew angry they would not arrive in Israel until after the start of Shabbat, despite being assured by the crew they would arrive before sundown Friday when Shabbat begins, according to a passenger on one of the planes.
In accordance with the laws of Judaism, observant Jews do not use electronics or light fires on Shabbat and also refrain from traveling in cars or airplanes. Exceptions are made for medical or security situations in which a life is threatened.
“After 24 hours to reach Israel, I am broken, broken mainly because of the lack of respect of people who are observant, who observe tradition and Shabbat, who took this issue a step too far,” wrote Roni Meital.
Meital praised the patience and the attempts to calm the situation by the El Al crew, but described the aggressiveness and unruliness of some the passengers even before the flight took off amid scares they would not reach Israel in time.
Meital said that “after six hours of flying, I suddenly heard screaming and saw a flight attendant crying after she was hit, pushed, amid threats they would break open the door to the cockpit.”
“I found myself standing and [physically] protecting flight attendants who were crying and who just wanted to catch their breath after the [violent] behavior toward them,” she wrote.
Shimon Sheves, a director general of the Prime Minister’s Office under former premier Yitzhak Rabin who was aboard one the planes, gave a similar account on his Facebook page. He wrote that he was awoken during the flight by shouts from religious passengers who realized they would not land until after Shabbat.
“Within a deep sleep, I hear shouts of ‘liars, fraudsters’ and hands waving and beating flight attendants who broke down in tears. If I didn’t see it, I would not have believed it,” he wrote.
Due to the uproar, one plane landed in Athens, where the ultra-Orthodox passengers disembarked to spend Shabbat before continuing on their way to Israel.
Those who wished to keep traveling, however, also had to exit the plane and wait three hours until an Israir flight took off for Israel.
On the second plane, the El Al flight was going to divert to Rome following protests from ultra-Orthodox passengers who did not want to violate Shabbat, but the flight continued to Ben Gurion Airport due to the medical condition of a woman on board who needed to reach Israel.
“The extreme weather in New York caused cancellations and delays of takeoffs for hundreds of flights for airlines, including El Al flights on Thursday evening,” the airline said in a statement to Hebrew media.
“Despite the many cancelled flights we succeeded in getting flight 002 out of New York for our passengers, with a stop in Athens. El Al made sure passengers had a flight that same day that continued to Israel,” it added.
El Al said representatives of the airline were in touch with the passengers who got off the plane in Athens and that they would travel to Israel after Shabbat ended on Saturday evening.
“We apologize for any discomfort caused to our customers, but as said we preferred to have the flight leave New York the same day,” the statement said.
“It should be emphasized the company does not tolerate violence toward the [flight] crew and we will determinedly and without compromise act in accordance with the law against any passenger whom a complaint is filed against, as we have done so far,” El Al added.

New York Bishop Accused of Sexual Abuse

November 17, 2018


Bishop Jenik, accused of a sexual relationship with an underage boy


An auxiliary Catholic bishop in New York, John Jenik, has been accused of sexual abuse and removed from his public ministry, Catholic officials said, the latest scandal to hit an institution already reeling from revelations of inappropriate behavior by its clergy around the globe.

“Although the alleged incidents occurred decades ago, the Lay Review Board has concluded that the evidence is sufficient to find the allegation credible and substantiated,” Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the archbishop of New York, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The allegation involves an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy in the 1980s, according to the accuser and his lawyer. Bishop Jenik, 74, denied the allegation, which will be investigated by the Vatican.

In an Oct. 29 letter to his parishioners, he wrote: “I continue to steadfastly deny that I have ever abused anyone at any time. Therefore I will ask the Vatican, which has ultimate jurisdiction over such cases to review the matter, with the hope of ultimately proving my innocence.”

The removal of Bishop Jenik from his public duties is a milestone in the widening abuse scandal in the United States. He is the first active bishop to be accused of abusing a minor in the wave of abuse allegations that began in June with the news that one of the nation’s top prelates, retired Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, had been accused of assaulting an altar boy in the 1970s.

In September, the attorney general in New York announced a statewide civil investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and cover-up in Roman Catholic dioceses. More than a dozen states have opened investigations since the release in August of a grand jury report documenting abuse and cover-up by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania.

Father severs rapist preacher’s penis after rape of man’s nine-year-old daughter

November 16, 2018

Rough justice in South Africa.

A father partially castrated a preacher he believed had carried out a sex attack on his nine-year-old daughter, a court in South Africa heard.

Preacher Mase Malgas, 66, (no photo available) died after being attacked on September 30 by the girl’s father, the East London courtroom was told.

Constable Lundi Nqwelo was called as a witness by the state prosecutors and testified that the defendant had been told by his ex-wife that their daughter had been raped, and that Mr Malgas was the perpetrator.

The defendant, his ex-wife and a friend of the couple then tracked down Mr Malgas, who was based at St Philips Church in Gompo, and burst into his home intent on revenge, the court heard.

Preacher Mase Malgas, 66, died from the injuries inflicted on him on September 30 by the girl’s father. He was based at St Philips Church in Gompo.

Nqwelo said the accused, who cannot be named as it would also reveal his daughter’s identity, then severely beat Mr Malgas and attempted to sever the preacher’s penis.

He did not complete the castration, but left the man with ‘grievous’ wounds, the court heard.

The trio then escorted him, by now in a life-threatening condition, to the Scenery Park Police Station, where they hoped he would be arrested.

East London police officers immediately called for medical assistance, but Mr Malgas died in hospital.

It has not yet been established whether Mr Malgas was the perpetrator, but medical reports confirmed that the defendant’s daughter had been raped, Nqwelo said.

The accused was denied bail and sent to a cell yesterday ahead of the resumption of his trial, in a case which has split the East London community and sparked an emotional debate on vigilante justice, The South African reported.

The defendant was denied bail yesterday after East London bail magistrate Joel Caesar said the court could not sanction vigilante justice. The trial will resume at a later date

The courts are waiting on DNA evidence which will prove pivotal in the case. If the preacher is found to be guilty, the defence case will be strengthened.

East London bail magistrate Joel Caesar said the suspect was denied bail because the court cannot sanction vigilante justice, although he expressed sympathy with the daughter.

The trial will resume at a later date.

Self-proclaimed Afghan mullah faces stoning death over sex tapes scandal


November 13, 2018


Rasool, wannabe porn star on the run


A self-proclaimed mullah in Afghanistan, who allegedly filmed himself having sex with women, is on the run after the videos went viral on social media, prompting religious leaders to order his death by stoning.

Mullah Rasool, a traditional healer who wrote amulets for clients in a village in the northwestern province of Faryab, is accused of sexually exploiting and raping several women who had gone to him for help.

Rasool, whose nickname is Landay, which means “Shorty” in Pashto, allegedly used the videos to blackmail the women.

A number of videos began circulating on social media in recent weeks, but it is not clear when they were made or if they were filmed in Rasool’s village of Chinar in Pashtunkot district.

In one video posted on Facebook, a bearded and turbaned man purported to be Rasool is seen loosening his white baggy trousers, clearly aroused.

A young woman, still wearing her long dress and headscarf, removes her trousers and lays on a large floor cushion where they have sex.

While the identities of the women are not yet known, their faces are visible in the videos, which have been viewed tens of thousands of times, raising fears for their safety in the deeply religious country.

“We predict there will be honor killings,” Faryab governor spokesman Jawed Bidar told AFP.

Provincial women’s affairs department head Sharifa Azimi said the women had been “tricked” and has urged religious leaders to tell their worshippers that they are “innocent victims, not bad women”.

“We are very worried that they will be murdered,” Azimi told AFP.

The body of a woman was found dumped in a ditch near Chinar village several days ago, but it has not yet been identified, Azimi added.

Faryab’s top religious leaders have sentenced Rasool to death by stoning.

“If the government arrests and punishes him, okay, otherwise the people are also after this guy and will stone him to death,” said Ghulam Nabi Ghafori, deputy head of the provincial Ulema Council.

The videos and whereabouts of Rasool have become a major topic of conversation in Afghanistan where sex is a taboo subject and women are largely treated as second class citizens.

Much of the commentary on social media has targeted Rasool, who has been described as “Satan” and a “porn star”. There have been calls for him to be hanged and his genitals cut off.

But the scandal has also inspired a spoof on a popular television comedy show in which a character portraying Rasool fondles a male actor dressed up as a woman.

Traditional healers are much-revered in the ultra conservative countryside, where illiteracy remains rampant.

A lack of conventional health services forces many to rely on healers for a variety of problems — from debilitating maladies and infertility to finding stolen items and reuniting lost lovers.

To help police track down Rasool, provincial governor Naqibullah Faiq is offering his own car as a reward to anyone with information leading to his arrest.

“He will be arrested. He has no place abroad,” Faiq told a recent gathering.

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