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Pastor Sprays Insecticide On Congregants To Cure Cancer And Other Diseases

November 23, 2016





The Prophet of Doom: South African pastor claims he can cure cancer and HIV by spraying ‘Doom’ pesticide into people’s faces
Lethebo Rabalago is a self-proclaimed prophet in Limpopo province
Tiger Brands said: ‘It is unsafe to spray Doom onto people’s faces’
Actress Boity Thulo tweeted: ‘It breaks my heart…people so easily duped’

A company which makes a pesticide called Doom has reacted angrily after a South African pastor said he could cure cancer and HIV by spraying it in people’s faces.
In a Facebook post Lethebo Rabalago, who claims to be a prophet, says he can ‘heal people’ by spraying them with Doom.
On social media Mr Rabalago, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly in Limpopo province near the border with Mozambique, can be seen spraying the insecticide directly into the eyes of people attending his congregation.


Church: Gosh, We’re Like Really Sorry We Killed All Those People

Catholic bishops apologize for role in Rwanda genocide

Catholic Church in Rwanda says”Whoops, our bad, sorry ’bout murdering all of your families!”


Catholic Church in Rwanda says it regrets actions of “all Christians for all forms of wrongs” during massacres in 1994.


“Sorry ’bout murdering all of you guys…probably won’t happen again.”

The Catholic Church in Rwanda has apologised for its role in the 1994 genocide, saying it regrets the actions of those who participated in the massacres.

A church statement acknowledged on Sunday that its members planned, aided and executed the genocide, in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by Hutu hardliners.

“We apologise for all the wrongs the church committed. We apologise on behalf of all Christians for all forms of wrongs we committed. We regret that church members violated [their] oath of allegiance to God’s commandments,” said the statement by the Conference of Catholic Bishops, which was read out in parishes across the country.

(Believe it or not, none of the apologies brought any of the victims back to life or brought any comfort to the families of the people who were murdered. Go figure…)

Many of the victims died at the hands of priests, clergymen and nuns, according to accounts by survivors, and the Rwandan government said many died in the churches where they had sought refuge.

(“Hey, yeah so they came to us for help and we murdered them instead…so we made a mistake, but what are ya gonna do, amirite?”)

Increasing Demand for Exorcists

Noveenber 20, 2016

Priests must be able to  juggle exorcisms with day-to-day pedophilia.




Exorcists are in urgent demand as a result of a sharp rise in people dabbling in Satanism and the occult, experts from the Catholic Church in Italy and the US said.

Speaking in tongues, levitating and vomiting nails may seem far-fetched to most people, but church experts insist there is a need to recruit more priests as exorcists in order to combat sorcery and black magic.

Valter Cascioli, a psychologist and scientific consultant to the International Association of Exorcists, which is endorsed by the Vatican, described as an “emergency” the lack of priests capable of fighting the forces of evil.

“The lack of exorcists is a real emergency. There is a pastoral emergency as a result of a significant increase in the number of diabolical possessions that exorcist priests are confronting,” he told La Stampa newspaper.

“The number of people who take part in occult and satanic practices, which lead to serious physical, psychological and spiritual damages, is constantly rising.”

Catholic Priest Puts Aborted Fetus On Church Altar, Posts Pictures On Facebook

November 15. 2016



Frank Pavone, one twisted fuckhead


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo has launched an investigation into Father Frank Pavone, a priest belonging to the Diocese who is one of 34 Catholic leaders advising President-elect Donald J. Trump, in response to a Facebook Live video featuring a fetus posted Sunday morning to Pavone’s Facebook page.

“Father Frank Pavone has posted a video on his Facebook page of the body of an aborted fetus, which is against the dignity of human life and is a desecration of the altar,” said Amarillo Diocese Bishop Patrick J. Zurek.

“We believe that no one who is pro-life can exploit a human body for any reason, especially the body of a fetus. The Diocese of Amarillo deeply regrets the offense and outrage caused by the video for the faithful and the community at large. The action and presentation of Father Pavone in this video is not consistent with the beliefs of the Catholic Church.”

Bishop Zurek’s comments about Pavone, who has a history of controversy in the Texas Panhandle and New York, were released in a statement Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Diocese said they would not release any additional details.

Priests for Life, a pro-life civil organization of which Pavone is the national director, is not a Catholic institution and does not fall under the Bishop’s authority, the Diocese said.

The controversial 44-minute video featuring what Pavone said is an aborted fetus, which was placed on an altar, is one of a seven-part Election Novena series that preceded Tuesday’s national presidential election. While the exact location of the video’s filming is unconfirmed, it is believed to have been shot at PFL’s headquarters in Staten Island, N.Y. The background of the video, including a tapestry and paintings, matches the background of previous Facebook videos Pavone posted from PFL’s headquarters.

The fetus, which in the video Pavone said was “entrusted to us for burial,” lies bare and discolored on the altar.

“Today I am doing something rather extraordinary,” Pavone said to the camera. “Today we are going to pray with this baby and we are going to let this baby’s body bear witness to our nation as we begin the process to elect our next president, our next Senate, Congress, state legislatures, up and down the various levels of government … I am here to present to you today that we have a simple choice: To elect those who are going to affirm the covenant we have with God or those who reject it; those who call the people to obey it or those who want to rewrite it.”

Then with a poster board, Pavone describes an abortion procedure involving fetus dismemberment.

He concluded with a statement of Christian morals being associated more toward those of the Republican Party.

“When you look at the (Democratic) party platform, they are at odds with the God of the covenant,” Pavone said in the video.

He then prays and commends the fetus into God’s hand.

The use of a fetus in the video has also raised questions about medical ethics.

John A. Robertson, Vinson and Elkins Chair at the University of Texas School of Law at Austin and chair of the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said accessing a fetus would require consent of the family or individual from which the fetus came.

Whether the fetus is considered a cadaver by the state or not, Robertson said it still seems to be ethically skewed from Pavone’s specific religious beliefs.

“That would seem to be inconsistent with their views because they certainly wouldn’t want other cadavers to be presented on the altar,” Robertson said. “Even if they have the consent of the parties, it may be illegal or it would be against good pathology practices for taking a fetus and displaying it in that way.”

More concerning is the fact that the fetus was completely exposed on the altar, Robertson said.

Candy Gibbs, executive director for CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Amarillo, said the exposed visual of the fetus is an issue of honor and respect.

“I love Father Pavone, and appreciate the work he has done for many years for the pro-life movement,” Gibbs said. “I do not believe images of aborted babies are honoring of the innocent lives lost, or of the women who regret abortions in their past. These images are a heartbreaking reminder to them of a child they will never hold. I would never have communicated the value of life this way, nor do I support this video.”

However, Gibbs continued, “Though I disagree with his approach, I do believe I understand Father Frank’s intent. The images associated with abortion are painful and offensive because the reality of this evil and violent practice is more than any humane person can take in. If the images offend our conscience, the legal procedure and its common practice certainly should.”

According to Amarillo Globe-News files, Pavone entered into the authority of the Amarillo Diocese in 2005 when Bishop John W. Yanta, Bishop for the Diocese at the time, promised Pavone he could work full-time for the pro-life movement.

In 2011, Bishop Patrick J. Zurek suspended Pavone due to concerns over PFL’s use of financial donations.

The Vatican Congregation of the Clergy ruled against his suspension, but said that Pavone still needed permission from Zurek to participate in pro-life events.

Pavone remained in good standing as a Catholic priest despite the brief suspension, and at the time he was a chaplain of the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ at Prayer Town, Texas.

Gays Still Causing Earthquakes

"Yes, I really am that stupid."

“Yes, I really am that stupid.”

An Italian priest has branded recent earthquakes that have shaken the country, killing hundreds and leaving tens of thousands homeless, as ‘divine punishment’ for gay civil unions.

The controversial comments have now sparked the wrath of the Vatican who have moved quickly to refute the outspoken views spoken by theologian Father Giovanni Cavalcoli.

Known for his hard-line views the priest is reported to have made the comments on October 30, the day central Italy was struck by a 6.6-magnitude quake — the most powerful to hit the country in 36 years

The earthquake was the third to rock the same region in just over two months.

Cavalcoli said on Radio Maria that the seismic shocks were “divine punishment” for “the offence to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions”.

The radio station distanced itself from his views with the Vatican also quick to come out with a stinging rebuke, saying the idea of a vengeful God was ‘a pagan vision’ dating from ‘the pre-Christian era’.

Cavalcoli, however, insisted to another radio station that earthquakes are indeed caused by “the sins of man” and telling the Vatican to “read their catechism”

Round Up The Usual Suspects (“Youth Pastors”)

The moral of this story is, “Keep your kids away from Youth Pastors.”

Sentenced to six years in prison for sex with teenage girls (September): former Youth Pastor David Hayman, 38 (Hackensack, New Jersey).

Sentenced to six months in jail for sending inappropriate texts to teenage boys (August): former Youth Pastor Brian Burchfield (Shawnee, Oklahoma).

Charged and awaiting trial for impregnating a 15-year-old girl (October): Youth Pastor Wesley Blackburn, 35 (New Paris, Pennsylvania).

Sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl (September): former Youth Pastor Brian Mitchell, 31 (North Olmsted, Ohio).

Charged and awaiting trial for luring teenagers into prostitution (October): Youth Pastor Ron Cooper, 52 (Miami).

Sentenced to 90 days in jail as part of a sex assault case involving a 13-year-old girl (September): former Youth Pastor Christopher Hutchinson, 37 (Parker, Colorado).

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