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More Bible-Babble From Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmannn has escaped her handlers again and has stopped taking her meds. How do we know? Because she gave this nearly incoherent statement to CBN News.michele-bachmann-crazy-eyes

Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know but I do know that the Bible is true and that Daniel teaches the most high God which is one of God’s names is the one who lifts up who He will and takes down who He will and so that’s why my prayers and my actions and my work on a daily basis is to make sure that Donald Trump becomes ‘President Trump’ the first Tuesday of November this 2016.

Whew. Look, anytime Michele Bachmann starts off with, “Maybe I’m wrong…“, you can ignore the rest of what she says. Honestly, though, we’d like some of the same medication that Michele is taking, but in a smaller dose.

Remember, this is the same Michele Bachmann who says HPV vaccine can cause mental retardation. Here’s what she told NBC’s “Today Show”:

Well, I will tell you that I had a mother last night come up to me here in Tampa, Florida, after the debate,” Bachmann said. “She told me that her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter.”

And Michele responded, “Mom??”

Other crazy things said by Michele Bachmann:

“Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” – Michele Bachmann , April, 2009

NOTE: If you breathe carbon dioxide in sufficient quantity, you will DIE. That’s a fact.


“I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out under another, then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter. I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.” – Michele Bachmann on April 28, 2009

Clearly, Democrats cause Swine Flu. It’s so OBVIOUS, people! Except for the fact that the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak happened when Gerald Ford, a Republican, was president. Oooops.


“If we took away the minimum wage — if conceivably it was gone — we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.” – Michele Bachmann, January 2005

Yes, we could offer jobs at 50 cents an hour, wouldn’t that be awesome? Hooray for America!


“I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out: Are they pro-America or anti-America?” – Michele Bachmann, Oct. 2008

I’m no political analyst, but I think it’s a safe bet that if someone has taken the time to run for and get elected to serve in Congress, they’re probably “pro-America”. Probably.


Michele Bachmann and Bat Boy- separated at birth?

Mother Kills Daughter By Jamming A Crucifix Down Her Throat

August 30. 2016


Juanita Gomez

A woman killed her daughter by shoving a crucifix down her throat because she thought her daughter was possessed, say police.

Juanita Gomez, 50, allegedly shoved the crucifix and religious medallion down her daughter Geneva’s throat and confessed to police who had come to her Oklahoma City home Saturday afternoon on a welfare check, reports News 9.

Juanita Gomez, at court hearing, confessed to shoving a crucifix and religious medallion down her daughter’s throat until she died, say police

Geneva Gomez, 33, was found dead with head trauma, and her mother, Juanita, confessed to her murder, say cops

Gomez reportedly told cops she began suspecting her daughter was ‘possessed by the devil’ the day before, and police noted that the mother had bruises and swelling on her hands and arms.

The mother said that she pushed the religious medallion down her 33-year-old daughter’s throat until she saw blood come out, reports the outlet.

The police report states that the mother then said she placed her daughter’s body in the position of the cross and washed her.

Police responded to a welfare call at 1529 N McKinley in Oklahoma City, reports News OK, and found Geneva Gomez’s dead body with a large cross on top

Police responded to a welfare call at 1529 N McKinley in Oklahoma City, reports News OK, and found Geneva Gomez’s dead body with a large cross on top

Confession Time

Confession Time

A man goes to church and tells the priest, “Father, I almost cheated on my wife.”

The priest asks him, “How do you almost cheat on your wife?”

The man says, “Well, me and the woman were naked, but we just rubbed against each other.”

The priest looks at him, clearly disgusted, and says, “Rubbing is the same as putting it in. Never do it again, say five Hail Marys and put $100 in the donation pan.”

The next time the priest sees the man he’s infuriated. “You didn’t put $100 in the pan!”

The man looks at the priest, clearly disgusted, and says “I rubbed the money against the pan, and rubbing is the same as putting it in.”

Homophobic Pastor Who Said ‘Orlando Shooting Victims ‘Got What They Deserved’ Arrested For Molesting An Underage Boy

August 28, 2016

379ED65600000578-0-image-m-63_1472274614654Kenneth Adkins, gay homophobic child molester

Surprise, surprise. A vitriolic anti-gay religious bigot turns out to be – wait for it… gay. And a child molester. You should have seen the shocked faces at yesterday’s FTP board meeting,

AA pastor who said the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre got ‘what they deserved’ has been arrested for allegedly molesting a child.

Bishop Kenneth Adkins was arrested in Brunswick, Georgia, on Friday, following claims he abused a boy under the age of 16.

The 56-year-old clergyman, who doubles as a political consultant, is believed to have mentored the alleged victim, who is also part of the teen ministry.

He has denied the charges and his lawyers have said he is looking forward to his day in court.
Bishop Kenneth Adkins, the pastor who said the Orlando nightclub victims got ‘what they deserved’ has been arrested in Georgia on child molestation charges

The 56-year-old clergyman, who doubles as a political consultant, is believed to have mentored the alleged victim, who is also part of the teen ministry

After the mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse in June, that left 49 people dead, Adkins tweeted that he had ‘been through so much with these Jacksonville homosexuals that I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve.’





After 3-year hunt, rabbi accused of molestation arrested in Israel

August  25. 2016

  1. lasso Berlandlasso Berland, child molester

A fugitive rabbi wanted for years on suspicions of molesting his female followers was extradited from South Africa Monday and was detained upon arrival at Ben-Gurion airport

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, founder of the Shuvu Bonim religious group, fled Israel to Morocco in 2013 amid allegations that he molested two female followers, one of them a minor.

The arrest caps years of Israeli attempts to lasso Berland, 79, considered a cult-like leader to thousands of his followers from the Bratslav Hasidic sect.

Since 2013, Berland has eluded Israeli attempts to extradite him, moving between Zimbabwe, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and South Africa, accompanied by a group of devout followers numbering around 40 families.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland participates in a mass prayer session at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, on January 25, 2012. (photo credit: Uri Lenz/Flash90)

Video of his flight to Israel showed supporters singing a Hasidic tune as Berland, wrapped in a prayer shawl and phylacteries, waved his arms.

Some 300 supporters were also on hand at the airport to welcome Berland back, though he was whisked from the plane directly into police custody, pausing only to kiss the ground, according to reports.

“Since he left the country in February 2013, the police have worked… to bring him back to Israel for questioning about the allegations against him… the process was completed this morning with his arrest at Ben Gurion airport,” police said in a statement.

Christian Numbskull Begins Doing Exorcisms Over Skype

They just don’t come much more gullible than this. The best part is when asked if people might be faking demonic possession just to screw with him, the pastor  says that there’s “no reason” anyone would do that. LOL!!

How to blow $25000: Meet the Pope

The Catholic church’s greed knows no bounds.

Greedy Pope Francis

“These suckers will buy anything!”

For a measly $25,000 contribution, you can meet Pope Francis. This is far better than giving the money to charity or feeding the hungry, because who doesn’t want to brag that they blew 25 grand on meeting the leader of the world’s most delusional religion?, which sells deluxe travel and adventure opportunities, celebrity encounters, and “fine culinary options” with famous chefs is offering a “once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Pope Francis plus a gala and a six-day trip to the Mediterranean,” for just $25,000 for two people.

The $25,000 package includes a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet His Holiness and experience a true VIP treatment at the Vatican City,” getting your picture taken with the pope, a “Ping Pong Diplomacy Cocktail Reception” and gala dinner.

No word on if the meeting includes a hand-job or other tangible benefits from his Holiness.

Flood destroys home of man who believes floods sent to punish gays

From the It’s-Too-Funny Dept:

LOUISIANA: God Destroys Tony Perkins’ House

As we are repeatedly instructed, God uses hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and lethal diseases to punish people for sinning (and especially for being gay).

This week the Lord Almighty shook his Smitin’ Stick at Louisiana, where  hate group leader Tony Perkins reported that he had to escape his destroyed home by canoe.

That’s right…Tony Perkins, the head of the anti-queer Family Research Council, is among those whose homes are underwater. Perkins believes natural disasters are sent to punish gays.

Among the thousands of people made homeless by flooding is hate group leader Tony Perkins, who reports that he had to escape his destroyed home by canoe. Perkins is on vacation this month, but today he called into his own radio show to lament the “biblical proportion” disaster that will allegedly force his family to live in a camper for the six months it will take to rebuild his home.

This particular flood, he said, was not to punish gays. This one is a “an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise.”

Somehow these clowns have spun this natural disaster as an opportunity for Christians to rejoice that God considers them “worthy of suffering for his sake.” And to “use this as an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise to take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.” Including destroying your home. Thanks, God!

Woman wins the right to use 8THEIST license plate

8theistTwo years ago Shannon Morgan of New Jersey ordered a vanity license plate that read 8THEIST. State officials denied her order, explaining that it might be considered offensive. She sued and won. The state Motor Vehicle Commission will also have to pay Morgan $75,000 to resolve her claim.

They don’t give a damn, because it’s taxpayer money that they’ll use to pay for their foolishness. Everyone in the chain of command who rejected the license plate request should be fired and barred from working for the government ever again.

Bonus Round: as a result of the lawsuit, the DMV must also issue the following vanity plates or “combinations that are substantially similar”: SECULAR, RATIONL, HUMANST, ATHEISM, GODLESS, HEATHEN, HERETIC, SKEPTIC, BLASFMR, REASON, EVOLVE, TRANS, LGBTR.TS, LGBTQ, PRIDE, QUEER, GAYPOWR, LGBTALY, FEMINISM, FEMINST, and EQUALITY.

Catholic Priest Jailed For 12 Years For Sexually Abusing 13 Children

August 13. 2016


  1. 2169Philip Temple, child molester


A Catholic priest and former children’s home worker has been jailed for 12 years after admitting the sexual abuse of 13 children dating back to the 1970s.

Philip Temple, 66, was sentenced at Woolwich crown court after pleading guilty to 20 charges of sexual assault in April and a further seven charges this week.

Temple twice stood trial in the late 1990s. In the first case the jury was unable to reach a verdict and Temple was acquitted in a retrial.

Before passing sentence on Wednesday, the judge, Christopher Hehir, apologised to one of Temple’s victims that “justice was not done when you came to court in 1998 and 1999”.

The court heard that the victim had become a self-harming recluse and had attempted suicide following the trials.

“I can only imagine the damage he has caused to other victims. We can never escape from what he did and we can never be free of it,” the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court. Temple was “an extremely skilled liar and manipulator with sociopathic qualities”, the victim added.

The judge said there had been another missed opportunity to bring Temple to justice when the youngest known victim, who was six or seven when abused by Temple when he worked for Wandsworth council in south London, began civil proceedings against the council in 1991.

According to Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, the civil case “appeared to be settled with no payment” and police did not investigate when the victim reported the alleged abuse four years later.

Temple sexually assaulted boys and one girl when working for Wandsworth and Lambeth councils in the 1970s. He became a priest in 1988 and abused two altar boys while serving at Christ the King monastery, Vita Et Pax in Cockfosters, north London, in the 1990s.

The judge said he viewed Temple’s move to become ordained as a Catholic priest as an “aggravating factor”.

Hehir said: “You of course exploited the opportunities your deceit as to your character had afforded you, not only by sexually abusing children but, as a priest, by lying on oath to deny the truthful accusations brought against you by one of your victims.

“Your actions as a priest demonstrated that in truth you were a wolf in shepherd’s clothing.”

Detectives from the Metropolitan police’s sexual offences, exploitation and child abuse (SOECA) command launched an investigation after receiving information that implicated Temple in multiple offences. He was arrested on 6 July last year.

Lambeth council said it was cooperating with the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA). “We hope the outcome provides some solace to the victims of these dreadful crimes,” said a spokesman.

In a statement, the diocese of Westminster said it was “aware of the sentencing of Philip Temple, a member of the Monte Oliveto Benedictine order. The diocese has fully cooperated with the statutory authorities throughout the investigation.”

The statement added: “The diocese of Westminster has robust safeguarding policies in place and rigorous selection procedures for candidates for the priesthood.”

Temple, of no fixed address, also admitted two counts of perjury relating to his earlier trials.

French Probe Into Cardinal Child Sex Abuse Cover-up Dismissed

August 3, 2016



French probe into cardinal abuse cover-up dismissed
Gregory Danel•August 2, 2016
Accusations against Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, one of France's most powerful Catholic leaders, have shaken the Church

Accusations against Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, one of France’s most powerful Catholic leaders, have shaken the Church (AFP Photo/Jeff Pachoud )

Lyon (AFP) – A French prosecutor on Monday dismissed a probe into allegations that Cardinal Philippe Barbarin covered up the sexual abuse of Scouts, in a case which shook the country’s Catholic Church.

Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon in central France since 2002, had been accused of failing to remove a priest from his diocese when he became aware the man had sexually abused young boys 25 years ago.

At the end of a preliminary investigation in March, prosecutor Marc Cimamonti had said the accusation that Barbarin had covered up the abuse had not been proven.

Barbarin has said he learnt in 2007 that the priest, Bernard Preynat, had been accused of sexually abusing Scouts in the past.

Preynat was only charged in January after a victim who was allegedly abused in the 1980s realised in 2015 that the priest was still in service. Several other victims have also come forward.

Barbarin has said that when he learnt of the priest’s past he immediately called a meeting with him. When he asked Preynat if he had committed further abuses since 1991 the priest swore he had not.

“You can reproach me for having believed him… but covering up means knowing and letting it happen,” Barbarin said, adding he had “absolutely never” done that.

Barbarin said Monday that he “welcomed” the decision by prosecutors and praised the work of survivors in advancing the battle against sexual abuse.

“I hope this is an end to the matter and the the diocese can work together with the victims who have never been considered adversaries,” said Jean-Felix Luciani, a lawyer for Barbarin.

– ‘Trample his honour’ –

“They said terrible things about a man, even if he was a cardinal, we should be careful not to trample his honour.”

Prosecutors say Preynat — who was removed from service in 2015 — has admitted the charges.

When complaints were first made against him in the 1980s, he was merely suspended for a few months.

The victims filed complaints against several senior diocesan officials, including Barbarin, accusing them of failing to report the priest or remove him from duty despite being aware of his past.

Barbarin has admitted to “errors in the management and nomination of certain priests”.

After the scandal erupted, he in June relieved four priests of their functions over sexual abuse allegations.

The scandal was the worst to hit the Catholic Church in France since 2001, when a bishop was given a three-month suspended jail sentence for failing to inform authorities about a paedophile priest.

“What I am interested in is the societal debate. How long will French citizens accept that paedophile priests come into contact with children?” said Francois Devaux, one of the plaintiffs.

Barbarin has also been accused of covering up the abuse of a second Lyon priest in a separate case.


Gay-sex scandal hits Irish seminary

Heh heh heh, you said “seminary”, heh heh heh.

The head of Ireland’s biggest Catholic diocese said Tuesday he had moved trainee priests from the country’s leading seminary over allegations of homosexual activity among students and staff, including the use of the Grindr dating app.

"I want hot, man-on-man action"

Sex-starved Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop of Dublin said the “poisonous” atmosphere caused by the claims at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth – also known as the National Seminary for Ireland – had led him to transfer students to the Irish College in Rome.

An anonymous letter emerged in May, alleging homosexual activity among some students and teachers. Authorities issued a statement promising to “thoroughly deal” with such behavior.

(Like spankings, I bet he’d like to “thoroughly deal” with those naughty, naughty trainees with some spankings…)

“A culture of anonymous letters is poisonous and until that is cleared up I would be happier to send my students elsewhere,” the archbishop told RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster.

(“Like to my bedroom, where they will forced to serve me orally while they repent of their wicked ways”, the archbishop mused silently…)

The archbishop said the use of Grindr would be inappropriate for seminarians “not just because they are training to be celibate priests but because an app like that is something that would be fostering promiscuous sexuality which is certainly not in any way the mature vision of sexuality that one would expect priests to understand.”

(Unless it’s with little kids, then that’s okay…)

Thanks to GPS technology, users of the Grindr app, generally gay men seeking sex, are able to locate and view photos and brief profiles of other users in their immediate vicinity and arrange to meet them.

The archbishop said he had tried to communicate with the author or authors of the anonymous online letters and blogs, offering to appoint a confidential expert to help verify the claims. However, his initiative has been met only by more anonymous letters.

(“How can I find them to have hot, man-on-man sex with them if they won’t tell me who they are?” the archbishop complained.)

It is believed whistleblowers are reluctant to come forward because others have been expelled for making such allegations.

“The authorities at Maynooth feel we have to find ways in which people will come forward with solid, hard evidence which can be used to follow up allegations,” Archbishop Martin said.

Hugh Connolly, sex-starved President of St. Patrick's College

Hugh Connolly, sex-starved President of St. Patrick’s College

(Oooh, “solid” and “hard” is what Archbishop Martin wants, is it?)

Hugh Connolly, the President of St. Patrick’s College, told RTE he was aware of the allegations and was “very worried” about the alleged use of Grindr in particular.

(“Especially since I’m not getting in on the fun”, he whined.)

But “natural justice” demanded the production of strong evidence before any action could be taken, he added.

Archbishop Martin also appeared to question if Maynooth was still fit to train modern-day clergy, suggesting it could be better done outside the “closed, strange world of seminaries.”

(…for example, like in a pay-by-the-hour motel or strip club.)

St. Patrick’s College, situated at Maynooth, Co Kildare, is a university town 24 kilometers (15 miles) from Dublin.

The seminary was formed in 1795 and at the height of Catholic Church power in Ireland trained around 500 young men for the priesthood.

(Oh yeah, they “trained” them alright…)


Honestly, kids…is it just me or is this news report full of salacious innuendoes?

Heh heh heh, you said “innuendo”, heh heh heh.


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