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Vatican Finance Minister Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges (Again)

July 30, 2016

George PellGeorge Pell, facing child sex abuse charges again

The parade of crimes continues,,,

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican’s finance minister, Cardinal George Pell, has strenuously rejected the latest claims that he sexually abused children many years ago as a priest.

Pell, an Australian who is third in the Vatican hierarchy after Pope Francis and Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, is the most senior figure in the Catholic Church to be accused of sexually abusing children.

“The allegations are untrue. I deny them absolutely,” the 75-year-old Pell said from Rome on Thursday.

This week, a TV report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said police in the state of Victoria were investigating claims that Pell had touched boys inappropriately and, in a separate incident, appeared naked in front of three boys at a surfing club locker room in the late 1980s.

“Untested allegations should be put through the proper procedures,” Pell said. “I’m quite prepared to cooperate. … I won’t cooperate with trial by the media. I think it’s unjust and inappropriate.”

It’s not the first time Pell has faced similar accusations.

After an internal church investigation, Pell, the former archbishop of Sydney, was cleared of an allegation that he had abused a 12-year-old boy at a camp in the 1960s.

The Vatican declined to comment on these most recent claims.

SNAP — the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests — urged anyone “with suspicions or knowledge” of any alleged wrongdoing by Pell to speak to secular authorities, not church figures.

“After a lengthy investigation, police have deemed eight accusers’ accounts are credible enough that they’re giving the evidence to prosecutors,” said David Clohessy, SNAP president, in a statement. “That speaks volumes.”

Anthony Fisher, the archbishop of Sydney, told reporters the claims did not correspond with the Pell he knew.

“He has a record of leadership in the fight against child sexual abuse, and was the first bishop in the world to implement a process under which such claims would be investigated by an independent commissioner,” Fisher said.

Pell has wielded significant power since he was appointed prefect of the secretariat for the economy by Pope Francis in 2014.

Pell has long been accused of shielding predatory priests in Australia. Earlier this year, he gave lengthy evidence by video link to an Australian inquiry into clerical sexual abuse from Rome after doctors said he was not well enough to testify in Sydney.

At the end of his hearing, Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi praised Pell for his “ dignified and coherent” testimony.

Church Organist Busted In Glory Hole Gambit

Jerry Childress, Christian pervert

Jerry Childress, Christian pervert

A church organist is facing an indecent exposure charge after he allegedly “shoved his penis” through a bathroom divider wall “and waited” for a response from the man occupying the adjacent stall, police report.

According to cops, a worker operating a street sweeper on July 12 stopped to use the restroom at a small park in Brooksville, a Tampa suburb. While in a stall, the man told police, a man entered the restroom and went into the adjoining stall.

In short order, cops say, the victim was confronted with the private parts of Jerry Childress, 75, who “shoved his penis through the divider wall and waited.

The “agitated” victim subsequently confronted Childress, who “promptly exited the restroom and fled the scene on foot.” Though cops responding to a 911 call were unable to locate the suspect, the victim–who returned to working in the vicinity of the park–subsequently spotted Childress exiting a wooded area.

When Childress got into his car and drove away, the victim began following him (apparently while behind the wheel of the street sweeper). After tailing Childress to the Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, the victim called cops.

During police questioning, Childress reportedly “admitted the entire incident.” He was arrested last week for indecent exposure and released from custody on $1000 bond. Childress is scheduled for an August 10 court hearing.

Childress has been the Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s organist for the past decade. On his LinkedIn page, Childress notes that, “I am the Principle organist for the church which is a paid position, but I do it because of my love of playing organ music and giving my gift back to God.”

The End Of The World And Jesus Coming On July 29

July 28. 2016



Yes, it’s time once again for the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ. The magnetic axis of the earth is going to shift. Yep. It’s going to be weird and scary and fatal. Or not. We’ll let you know if it actually happens.,


Check it out here.

Catholic Priest On The Run for Five Years From Child Sex Abuse Charges Finally Arrested In Kosovo

Laurence-Soper-539094 Laurence Soper, abuser of children

July 22, 2016

Father Laurence Soper was wanted on a European Arrest Warrant over allegations of child abuse dating back to when he taught at St Benedict’s School, a private independent Catholic school which is part of Ealing Abbey in west London.

In March 2011, Fr Soper was believed to have been living in a monastery in Rome and was due to return to London to answer bail.

However, he failed to show up, sparking an international search.
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We are aware of the arrest and we are liaising with the relevant authorities

After more than five years evading officials, he was arrested in Kosovo on Wednesday.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We are aware of the arrest and we are liaising with the relevant authorities.”

In June 2010 the Met said a man, then in his 40s, made a historical allegation of sexual assault relating to his time at the school.

Father Laurence Soper was wanted on a European Arrest WarrantNC
Father Laurence Soper was wanted on a European Arrest Warrant

Fr Soper, in his mid-70s, was arrested in September that year on suspicion of historical sexual assault, and bailed to return to a west London police station pending further inquiries but failed to appear.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Our Embassy is providing assistance following the arrest of a British national in Peja, Kosovo on Wednesday 11 May.”

Priest Steals $500.000 From Syrian Refugee Fund

Amer SakaAmer Saka, heartless thief

July 17. 2016

Amer Saka, 51, a clergyman of the Chaldean Catholic Church — based in Baghdad — had allegedly collected the funds from more than 20 donors to support refugees arriving from the war-torn nation, according to local police.

“This investigation spanned throughout the province of Ontario, the United States and other countries where refugees were attempting to come to Canada,” police in London, Ontario said in a statement on Thursday.

Bishop Emanuel Shaleta, head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada, told The London Free Press that Saka had called him to say he had gambled and lost all of the money.

The priest had been involved in a sponsorship program for refugees for several years. He was suspended by the diocese of Hamilton, Ontario after police opened an investigation in February.

Saka was arrested on Wednesday and granted bail after being charged with fraud and a related possession charge. The newspaper said a court ordered Saka not to enter any casino.

Christian Hypocrisy

Why are Christians consider to be so hypocritical? Here are just a few reasons…


Christians deny the existence of gods claimed by other religions but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of theirs.

Christians feel “dehumanized” when scientists claim that humans evolved from other life forms, but readily accept that Adam was created from dirt and Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

Christians deny evolution, but are happy to make use of evolutionary science when it provides new medicines (such as flu vaccines) to combat disease-causing parasites that evolve regularly.

Christians condemn religions that worship multiple gods but believe in a Triune God.

Christians are disgusted by the “atrocities” attributed to Allah but rationalize the slaughtered of all the Egyptian babies in “Exodus”, the elimination of entire ethnic groups in “Joshua” including women, children, and trees (!!!) and the murder of the entire human race in the Great Flood.

Christians mock Hindu beliefs that deify humans and Greek claims about gods sleeping with women, but they believe that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mariam (Mary is a European not Jewish name) who then gave birth to a man-god who then got killed, came back to life and ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God, his father (who is actually himself).

Christians reject the scientifically established age of the Earth (few billion years) but readily accept dates recorded by Bronze Age tribesmen who guessed that the earth is a few generations old.

Christians consider their religion to be the most tolerant and loving but they believe that the entire non-Christian population of this planet will spend eternity in hell.

Christians are not convinced by modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics but some mentally challenged individual rolling around on the floor speaking in “tongues” or an image of Jesus on their English muffin may be all the evidence they need to “prove” their system of beliefs is real.

Christians define 0.01% answered prayers as a “high success rate” and evidence that prayer works but they consider the remaining 99.99% failure to simply be the will of God.


Head in Hands

Pedophile Priest Rapes Boy With A Crucifix, Sentenced To Only 2 Years

Jult 10, 2016


PAY-Tony-WalshTony Walsh

Former “singing” priest Tony Walsh faces two years in prison for raping a boy with a crucifix, a court has heard.

The 62-year-old predator Tony Walsh committed the offense and two other attacks on the same victim.

However because the offenses were committed before the Criminal Law (Rape) Amendment Act came into effect in 1990, the maximum penalty the judge can impose on each offense is two years.

He was charged with indecent assault as that was the crime which existed at the time, the Irish Mirror reports.

Walsh forced the child to have sex in the parochial house and in the Phoenix Park.

During a three-day trial the shamed cleric, formerly of North Circular Road, Dublin, told the jury last month he never knew the boy and never assaulted him.

Priest Tells His Sex Abuse Victim That He Will Go To Hell If He Tells Anyone About The Abuse

imagesAngelo Blanchetti

June 27, 2016

(ANSA) – Brescia, June 14 – A northern Italian priest was arrested Tuesday for allegedly sexually abusing a minor.
Father Angelo Blanchetti, 55, of the parish of Corna di Darfo near Brescia was arrested for allegedly abusing a boy from when he was 12 until he was 14.
The priest allegedly warned the boy, of foreign origin, that he would go to hell if he told anyone about the abuse.
Father Blanchetti has been suspended.

Remember Joel Wright, Pedophile Priest-in-Training?

Joel Wright, pedophile priest-in-training

Is this guy a creepy motherfucker or what?

Remember Joel Wright? He’s the priest-in-training who wanted to buy an infant girl so he could rape her, and he hoped that she would “struggle” because that made it more “fun”.

He pleaded guilty in April to attempted enticement of a minor, admitting he posted an ad to Craigslist seeking children as young as one year old to molest.

He offered any willing family $150 to babysit their child in 2014.

When a mother in Tijuana, Mexico, responded, he told her wanted to adopt and have sex with her baby. He added that he had bought an outfit for the child to wear and infant pain relief medication.

Well, poor ol’ Joel finally got sentenced, and he’s been sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
So long, Joel, enjoy your time in the Big House.

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