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The “Religion Of Peace” Strikes Again

The “Religion of Peace” has struck again, showing the love and tolerance that Islam embodies.


A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten, and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually 021d3c457a57b099cf96126face85793outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church, after rumors circulated in the village that a Christian man was having a relationship with a Muslim woman.

The violence started at around 8pm on 20 May, and the local diocese said it was two hours before police responded, by which point the mob had already dispersed.

The woman who was stripped naked was reported to be the mother of the man involved in the rumored affair. She has since met with church leaders, the Diocese of Minya and Abu Qirqas said.

The violence is representative of the tensions between the two religions in the province south of Cairo, where extra-marital affairs between Muslims and Christians are strictly taboo.

Christian Pastors Caught In Sting, Looking For Sex With Underage Girls

May .25. 2016

Robert-Jason-Kennedy-mugshot-22922195.400x800 article-pastor-3-0521


Two Christian pastors were among dozens of people arrested in a sting operation where suspects allegedly sought sex with underage girls, Tennessee officials said.

Jason Kennedy and Zubin Parakh were caught after answering online ads, said Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Kennedy, 46, was the children’s pastor at Grace Baptist Church and Parakh, 32, was creative pastor at Life House Church, according to Gwyn. They were among 32 men and women arrested in an anti-trafficking operation, according to a bureau statement.

Kennedy, according to an arrest report obtained by CBS affiliate WLVT-TV, was arrested after agreeing to pay $100 for sex with two girls, one of whom was 15.

“Our work is not finished. We want to make sure there is no safe place to hide for criminals who would victimize the most vulnerable among us. We want anyone answering an ad for sex to think that a TBI agent and a Knoxville Police officer may be on the other end of that line,” said Gwyn.

“These are men from our community. They include an engineer, a volunteer firefighter, a landscaper, a student. These are people we work with and live with,” he said.

Parakh was arrested after responding to an ad promising sex with underage girls, Gwyn said.

Both were charged with patronizing prostitution and human trafficking, according to the TBI statement.

Kennedy was fired after his arrest, his church said in a statement.

“The actions of the children’s pastor for which he has been arrested were part of his life outside the church, and we have received no questions or concerns related to his conduct within the church or its ministries,” Grace Baptist church leaders said.

A background check was performed when Kennedy was hired more than two years ago, the church said, and turned up no problems. “We are praying for his family and will continue to provide the services of our ministry to them,” the statement said.

Parakh’s name no longer appears on Life House’s website.

Messages left at both churches by were not immediately returned Monday.

Parakh is being held in lieu of $100,000 and Kennedy is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail at the Knox County Jail, according to online records. It was not clear whether they had been arraigned.

Florida Mom Sees God In Baby’s Soiled Diaper

May 23, 2016



A woman in Florida believes God has sent a message to her in a place she was sure to see it — her baby’s poopy diaper.

Katy Vasquez of Winter Park, says she was changing her son’s diaper on Monday when she noticed something strange: a poop stain in the shape of a cross.

“It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I’d see it,” she wrote on a Facebook that has since been removed. “Hard to miss what’s right there in front of you.”
Katy Vasquez was changing her son’s diaper when she noticed this cross-shaped stain.

“I didn’t think much of it till I went to throw it away,” Vasquez told HuffPost. “I believe that when things are bad, as they have been, God will always find a way to let you know things will be okay.”

Soiled diapers are generally pretty gross, but people are going gaga for the crap-stained cross.

So far, Vasquez’ poopy post has been shared more than 5,000 times.

One woman described her reaction to the diaper photos like this: “Holy shit!!!”


Maybe god isn’t saying everything is going to be alright, maybe god is saying that things are about to turn to shit,

Pope Francis: Rich People Who Exploit The Poor Are ‘Bloodsuckers’

\May 20, 2016

Paraphrasing the Bible passage for the day, taken from James 5, the pope said:  “The blood of all these people that you have sucked [and on which] you have lived, is a cry to the Lord, it is a cry of justice.”

In a similar vein, Francis also slammed the “theology of prosperity,” which he said is the belief that “God shows you that you are just if He give you great riches.”

Pope Frankie, old boy, how can you possibly not realize that you are one of these bloodsuckers?!?!?!?



Exorcist Tortures, Rapes And Murders 16-Year-Old Girl

May 17, 2016


An ‘exorcist’ raped and tortured a 16-year-old Pakistani girl for four days to ‘rid her of demons’ – and then told her mother ‘evil spirits’ broke the teenager’s neck.

The girl, named locally as Sara, was taken to the man by her mother, who believed the exorcist, or ‘pir’, would cure her stomach and psychiatric problems.

But instead, her daughter was returned to her dead, with the exorcist blaming it on the ‘djinn’, or evil spirits, who had possessed her.

The girl was taken to the pir, named as Jindwada, last weekend by her desperate mother.

According to local papers, Jindwada then took advantage of the situation, saying she would need four days to cure the girl at his home in Sandhlianwali, almost 300 miles south of Islamabad.

The mother accompanied the girl to his home, but then he separated them – taking the vulnerable teen into a second room, where he raped and tortured her for the next four days, reported The

Hang On. The World Is Going To End… Again… For The 26,481st Time… The Bible Says So.

May 8, 2016


transit-667866Because Mercury.

The transit of Mercury this time around holds special significance

YouTube channel The Prophetico said the way in which the planets will align in conjunction with star constellations could mean the end is near.

The planet Mercury is set to pass in front of the Sun in line with Earth on May 9 in a natural phenomenon which occurs 13 times a century.

However, this time around could hold more significance as there is seemingly some spooky celestial behaviour.

Man seeks restraining order against God

Haifa resident asks court to keep the Almighty away, claiming He is being mean to him

An Israeli man has petitioned the Haifa Magistrate’s Court for a restraining order against God, claiming the Almighty has been particularly unkind to him.

The initiator of the request, a resident of the northern port city, represented himself in court, the Walla news site reported on Wednesday.

A protocol of the hearing noted that God did not turn up for the session, although it did not specify how the court determined the Omnipresent was not in fact there, as opposed to merely exercising the right to remain silent.

The petitioner, who was not named in the report, noted that he had tried to obtain the restraining order from police for the past three years but that police had merely sent a patrol car to his home on 10 occasions.

He argued that over a three-year period God, had exhibited a seriously negative attitude toward him, although details of just what divine mischief he had borne the brunt of were not mentioned in the report.

Presiding Judge Ahsan Canaan denied the request, which he said was ludicrous, asserting the applicant needed help not from the court but rather from other sources.

The report did not include a response on the outcome from any of the multitude of available spokespeople on behalf of the Lord.

Pastor Took Pictures Of Heaven But Lost Them. Really.

May 3, 2016

A new twist on ‘the dog ate my homework’ theme,

Mostsoeneng MboroMostsoeneng Mboro

Proof of Heaven was just one selfie away, says South African pastor Mostsoeneng Mboro, until thieves scuttled his plan to show it to the world by stealing his smartphone.

Originally, Mboro was offering to show people the pictures for a small fee of about $340, after currency conversion. This landed him in hot water with the law, so he decided he’d post them to Facebook for free. That was before meddling thieves at a car wash stole his phone — and his pictures of heaven, eNCA reports.

He was facing extortion charges for offering the photos for a price, before he claims his Galaxy S5 was stolen.

“The pictures were really there, I saw them. We suspect one of the boys washing the Prophet’s car took the phone. But they all denied taking it, even after we threatened them,” one of Mboro’s bodyguards told reporters. “All those who have deposited money will be refunded.”

The pastor claims he ascended to Heaven on Easter Sunday, according to Nehanda Radio.

Mboro’s claims resulted in humorous social media memes, with amused South Africans editing his face into the Garden of Eden or heavenly clouds.


Ex-priest Gets 20 To 40 Years In Prison For Sex Crimes Against Children

April 30. 2016


33AFACDD00000578-3566679-image-a-30_1462034397597James Rapp, child rapist

Finally, a bit of justice.


James Rapp, 75, faced six men who described how he abused them during a sentencing hearing in Jackson, Michigan, on Friday,

Rapp will be eligible for parole after 20 years and has a maximum sentence of 40 years.

He coerced students into having se=xual contact while a teacher and wrestling coach at Jackson’s Lumen Christi High School.

The former Roman Catholic priest is currently serving another 40-year sentence in Oklahoma for lewd molestation.

James Rapp, 75, faced six of his victims during a sentencing hearing in Jackson on Friday.

They described for more than two hours how Rapp coerced them into having sexual contact while working as a teacher and wrestling coach at Jackson’s Lumen Christi High School.

‘He knelt beside the bed I was in – he had a bed – held my hand, said the Lord’s prayer and then climbed in bed with me, had his way with me,’ former student John Wood said.

Scroll down for video

James Rapp, 75, faced six of his victims during a sentencing hearing in Jackson, Michigan on Friday. The former Roman Catholic priest will spend at least 20 years in prison for sexually abusing high school students,

John Wood was one of the former students who told the court how Rapp coerced them into having sexual contact while working as a teacher and wrestling coach at Jackson’s Lumen Christi High School.
Rapp, who is currently serving a 40-year sentence in Oklahoma for lewd molestation according to the Jackson Citizen Patriot, pleaded no contest to criminal sexual conduct in February.

He worked at Lumen Christi High School between 1980 and 1986, acting as a teacher, coach, maintenance supervisor and as a Roman Catholic priest.

‘His crime and position was a murder on my soul,’ Andy Russell, also a former student at the school, told the court on Friday.

‘He’s a monster and his path of destruction extends far further than it ever should have.’

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