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The Devil Made Me Do It – #1

Kill your child and blame it on the Devil…


Police have arrested a woman after her 1-year-old son was found unconscious in the bathroom of a midtown Manhattan restaurant.dmmdi-1

Police say a worker at the restaurant became concerned after noticing that the woman and child were in the bathroom for an unusual amount of time.

The worker entered the bathroom, saw the boy unconscious on the woman’s lap, and called 911.

When asked what she was doing, the woman allegedly said, “I put my hand over his mouth to put him to sleep,” WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reported Monday.

Police say the boy was in cardiac arrest and taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Sources said the boy’s mother later said, “The devil made me do it.

Yet Another Secular Blogger, Washiqur Rahman, Hacked To Death In Bangladesh

agrawalWashiqur Rahman


Ah, yes – Islam, the religion of peace.

The 27-year-old Rahman falls victim to the same brazen act that killed Avijit Roy
The deaths have emboldened the movement, an activist says

(CNN)When American writer Avijit Roy was hacked to death on a Dhaka, Bangladesh, street in full view of horrified onlookers, blogger Washiqur Rahman doubled down.

Fundamentalists were choking free thought in his secular nation, he wrote. But they couldn’t silence it.

His friends warned him to be careful, to watch what he posted online. But Rahman dismissed those concerns, saying his Facebook profile page didn’t even bear his picture. They don’t even know what I look like, he told them.

On Monday, the 27-year-old Rahman fell victim to the same brazen act that killed Roy, hacked to death by two men with knives and meat cleavers just outside his house as he headed to work at a travel agency.

He was so maimed — with wounds to his head, face and neck — that police identified him through the voter identification card he was carrying.

His death was the second time in five weeks that someone was killed in Dhaka for online posts critical of Islam — but they are hardly the only two who’ve paid a steep price.

In the last two years, several bloggers have died, either murdered or under mysterious circumstances.

“The despicable murder of Avijit Roy last month should have led authorities to step up protection measures for bloggers and others at risk. The killing of Washiqur Rahman today is another clear example of the Bangladeshi government’s utter failure to ensure the safety of those at risk,” said Abbas Faiz of Amnesty International.

“How many more bloggers will have to be attacked before action is taken?”

On his page, Rahman reposted a cartoon depicting Prophet Mohammed from the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. He wished a happy birthday to author Taslima Nasreen, who was forced to flee Bangladesh due to death threats from fundamentalists. And he “liked” a picture of sausages wrapped in crescent rolls that someone had captioned, “Pigs in burqas.”

Posts threatening him were numerous.

“Get ready for the afterlife,” one person commented on one of his posts.

“See you in hell,” said another.

He posted questions that critics of Islam often raised and then answered them. But he paired the answers in such a way that they highlighted the contradiction within Islam.

For example, one question asked what proof was there that the Quran was the word of God. The answer, “Mohammed said in his own words that the Quran is the word of God. Since Mohammed is the messenger of Allah, his claims are true.”

He placed the question next to one that asked, “What is the proof that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah?”

The answer, “The Quran claims that Mohammed was the messenger of Allah. And since the Quran is God’s word, its claims must be true.”


Our message to religious fundamentalists of all stripes remains the same –

Fuck you. We will not be silenced.

Mass Exorcism Leaves Children Screaming In Fear


PAY_SchoolExorcism_06Tomas Wieczore. taught by the Church to frighten children

Mass exorcism of schoolkids leaves many in hysterics as priest attempts to ‘banish the Devil’

As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.” — Voltaire

March 30, 2015
By Kirstie McCrum

CEN Shock: Polish school children at a religious camp to celebrate Lent were left screaming and in tears when priest Tomas Wieczorek, 37, carried out a mass exorcism

The 1,000 young people, from schools in the town of Gryfice, north-western Poland, were attending the three-day camp to help “young people explore God and devote themselves to spiritual renewal through prayer”.

But instead of singing songs and praying, priest Tomas Wieczorek, 37, was more interested in exorcising their demons and replacing them with God.

“Some of the children fainted while others started crying.”

When other students went to help their semi-conscious pals, the priest commanded them to stay still, adding: “God is entering their souls and banishing the Devil.”

Some children touched by the priest began screaming while others burst out into fits of laughter.

A student who was there said: “It was really scary, almost like a mental asylum.

“Some of them were writhing on the floor, others were laughing hysterically and others were screaming and crying.

“The priest said he was purifying them but it was all too much for most of us.

“The next day we didn’t turn up because we were scared about what would happen.”

An area church spokesman said: “We haven’t received any complaints so far, so there’s no problem.”


No problem at all.

Girl Raped And Murdered Because ‘Her Faith Wasn’t Strong Enough’

March 29, 2015
By Mary McDonnell

The Catholic Church continues its time-honored tradition of blaming the victim.

A woman who was raped and murdered would have been “home in bed” on the night she died if her faith was stronger, a Catholic priest told a group of primary school kids. He allegedly showed the youngsters a picture of twisted Adrian Bayley, who killed Jill Meagher in 2012, before mentioning rape and murder to pupils and staff.

The horrific comments were made at an end-of-term service at St Christopher’s Primary School in Airport West, Melbourne, Australia, on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne denied the priest made the remarks on murdered Jill’s faith.

But the Vicar-General of the archdiocese of Melbourne apologised for the “victim-blaming” speech.

Monsignor Greg Bennett told Australian radio station 3AW: “I’ve spoken with the priest; he acknowledges that the homily wasn’t appropriate and apologises for the offence and upset it has caused.

“The reference to Jill Meagher in particular was offensive and inappropriate and the people of Victoria and Ireland mourn her sad and tragic death.

“We do not share the sentiment of the homily this morning and we certainly apologise for the hurt that this homily may have caused today.”

Carolyn Worth, manager of an Australian centre against sexual assault slammed the offensive homily.

She said: “This is about a violent, dangerous man who attacked somebody. It’s not about what she was going.


Adrian-Ernest-BayleyAdrian Bayley is serving 35 years behind bars

“Women have a right to be able to walk in the street alone without being attacked by dangerous predators.

“It’s offensive to all women, certainly to Jill Meagher’s family.”

The horrific comments come as Jill’s family are set to take legal action against the Australian state of Victoria.

Sex beast Bayley was on parole at the time of the 2012 murder after serving just eight years of an 11-year maximum sentence for rape.

Jill’s husband Tom, along with parents George and Edith McKeon, are reportedly going to join other families whose relatives were killed by criminals either on parole, or whose parole had just expired.

A Melbourne newspaper reported it’s hoped the lawsuit will expose flaws in Victoria’s parole system – which has been blamed for up to a dozen killings.

In a heartbreaking post on social media, Edith said: “We are all so devastated,knowing that Bayley should never have been out on the streets, it’s been cruelty for all of us.

“If a proper system had been working in Victoria, Gillian would be alive today.”

Bayley is now serving 35 years for the rape and murder of Jill after she walked home from work night out in September 2012.

He has now been found guilty of raping three other women, including his 16-year-old sister’s friend 25 years ago.

Two of the victims – a Dutch backpacker and a local sex worker – were raped just months before he attacked and killed Jill.

We wish we had the name and photograph of the offending priest, but the Church is protecting him. Surprise, surprise.

Cardinal Raymond Burke: Gays, Remarried Catholics Are Just As Sinful As Murderers

burkeCardinal Raymond Burke welcomes us back to the 17th century.


March 28, 2015

When Pope Francis last year effectively demoted U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke by moving him out of a senior post in the Vatican to a largely ceremonial role as head of a Rome-based Catholic charity, it was viewed as a way to sideline one of the pontiff’s most outspoken critics on the right.

But the move seems to have left Burke free to air his conservative — and pointed — views on efforts to change church practices, not that he was ever terribly hesitant about speaking his mind.

Now the American churchman has spoken out again, telling an interviewer that gay couples and divorced and remarried Catholics who are trying to live good and faithful lives are still like “the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.”

“If you are living publicly in a state of mortal sin there isn’t any good act that you can perform that justifies that situation: the person remains in grave sin,” Burke said in an interview with LifeSiteNews, a U.S.-based web service focused on battling abortion and promoting other conservative causes.

“And to give the impression that somehow there’s something good about living in a state of grave sin is simply contrary to what the (Catholic) Church has always and everywhere taught,” said Burke, who spoke to LifeSiteNews in Rome.

Asked if being “kind” and “generous” and “dedicated” is enough, Burke replied: “Of course it’s not. It’s like the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.”



A stock broker sent letters to ten groups of one hundred people each from a mailing list of middle-class and upper-class residences recommending different stock picks to each group. Of course six weeks later some of these groups of stocks did better than others. Of course, one did the best of the lot. Ignoring the other nine groups of people, the broker wrote follow-up letters to the one hundred people that got the best stock tips showing them that his predictions performed very well indeed and he invited those people to invest their money with him, implying, but never saying outright, that they should expect the same high performance. The brokerage fees and commissions he collected on the incoming business totaled over $45,000. His investment in the stamps and printing of the letters was roughly $700. He did this every six months using a different mailing list of a thousand people.

Religious prophecy is similar but much less sophisticated, requiring only the most vague of predictions.

Last week we watched a Christian prophet on youtube who spoke at a gathering in January of 2014,  This particular woman opened with a big prediction – “In 2014 god is going to do great things for the business community.” The crowd cheered wildly. She went on with the usual mumbo-jumbo of ‘prosperity gospel’ preaching.

Some businessmen and businesswomen who had attended the revival had good years, of course. This ‘successful prediction’ stuck in their minds and reinforced  their belief in this prophet and they will tell anyone who will listen about the  amazing prediction. It’s difficult to overestimate the power of a successful  prediction, even it is very vague.

Prophets know better than to be specific in their predictions. Only seriously delusion people make predictions with any real detail. If they do, it’s because  they actually believe that they can see the future or that god has given them the  information.

A famous British mystic, David Icke, found this out to his embarrassment when, in an interview, he gave an exact date in 1997 for the end of the world. Sadly, it didn’t end on that date, or on any date since. That failure didn’t stop him from retaining most of his followers and gathering new ones for his latest gig – ‘the reptilian conspiracy’. Believers would rather not dig too deeply into the past of their prophets, it makes it much harder to keep drinking the proverbial  cool-aid.  In Icke’s defense, he only incorrectly predicted the end of the world once. Many have done it twice (or more) including Harold Camping, Pat Robertson, Warren Jeffs, Herbert W. Armstrong, Ronald Weinland, Yisrayl Hawkins, Nazim Al-Haqqani, Charles Taze Russell, Leland Jensen, and Edgar C. Whisenant. Oddly, none of these  prophets lost their followers and went on to predict lots of other events that didn’t happen. No one seemed to mind.


How to be a successful prophet –


Presentation is vital to success –

If you whisper your vague prophecies to people at the office or on the bus, you will be ignored and/or laughed at. However, if you shout them into a microphone in front of a thousand people and turn ‘god’ into a two syllable word and ‘Jesus’ into a three syllable word, you will be believed by enough people to ensure your success.


 Predict what is already known, but maybe not by all your followers –

Look up the weather on the net and if you find that there are going to be lots of big storms this year predict that there are going to be lots of big storms this year. Enoigh people will think you saw into the future to give you more success.


Engage in individual prophecy –

“God wants you to have (fill in the blank) All you have to do is say this magic  prayer.” If you don’t get (fill in the blank) your faith just wasn’t strong enough and you should keep trying.


Pick an event that might or might not happen –

If it doesn’t happen, claim credit for stopping it.
If it does happen, claim credit for predicting it.

Predict something that you know is likely to happen –

Another clip we watched had a different prophet, in December of 2013.  predicting a cyclone in the Phillipines during the first half of 2014, which is as risky as predicting the sunrise since spring is cyclone season in the South Pacific and almost all of these storms hit some part of the Philippines. If, for some reason, a big storm doesn’t hit the Philippines in the first half of the year, don’t ever mention it again and it will soon be forgotten that you ever made the prediction. Gullible people and stupid people only remember successful prophecies.

See how easy it is? Anyone can do it but most of us are ethical enough not to.


Here’s a real prophet delivering a prophecy –

One of our board members attended a ceremony in Cambodia last year wherein lemon grass was planted upside down. This ceremony is widely believed to ensure that an engaged couple will have good weather on their wedding day

“Does it work?” our friend asked the mother of the bride-to-be.

“Sometimes,” was her reply.

Such is the nature of prophecy – it only has to work occasionally to be successful.

Pastor And Cop Arrested For Sex Abuse

dbestDarrell Best arrested for sex abuse of two minors

 This criminal took advantage of two positions of authority to abuse minors.

March 17, 2015

UPDATE March 17, 2015: According to charging documents, Darrell Best is charged with sexually assaulting another teenager.

The second victim is now 18 but was 17 at the time. According to her, she was assaulted in Best’s office of the 5th floor of the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters after he took her out to dinner on Dec. 3, 2014.

WASHINGTON — A Metropolitan Police Department officer and pastor has been arrested for sex abuse of a minor.

Darrell Best, 45, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland was arrested and charged on Monday, March 16.

On Saturday a 16-year-old girl reported to the Metropolitan Police Department that on three occasions, beginning in December 2014, she was a victim of Best who also acts as pastor of God of a Second Chance Ministry Church in Southeast D.C.

Best was arrested in Largo, Maryland after an investigation.

Chabad Rabbi Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges


Rabbi Gershon Selinger

March 22. 2015

Rabbi Gershon Selinger was arrested Friday and charged with eight felony counts of sexual abuse of a minor. Selinger has reportedly taught in a number of Chabad schools in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.



The Obscene Wealth Of The Vatican



The Roman Catholic Church has been looting the world’s treasures since the fifth century, laying claim to lands and their resources as they are discovered. Shortly after the discovery of the ‘New World’, the Church went so far as to claim it and ‘any lands yet-to-be discovered’ as its own.

When the Italian government, in the 1990s, ordered the Vatican Bank to comply with the disclosure laws that apply to all the other Italian banks, the Vatican was embarrassed to have to admit that it held, among many other things, a controlling interest in Beretta, the largest weapons manufacturer in the world and complete ownership of a pharmaceutical company in Canada that made the bulk of its profits from birth control medicines and devices. The Vatican has since divested itself of the embarrassing pharmaceutical company but still clings tightly to it’s very profitable arms business.

The wealth of the Vatican is currently estimated to be between 17 and 50 billion dollars. Because of the secrecy surrounding the Vatican’s true wealth. and its frequent use of ‘holding companies’ and dummy corporations, it is impossible to get a truly accurate assessment. It may be more than even the wildest approximations.

And this figure includes only the holdings of the Vatican and its various corporations and ‘holding companies’. It does not include the roughly 18,000 U.S. Catholic parishes*, which have an estimated  value of over fifty billion dollars. Taxing the individual parishes would yield a significant revenue, as much as five billion dollars per year. Year after year. And that’s just the Catholic churches. Add in all the other untaxed religions and the revenue stream would be sufficient to balance the federal budget in the first two years.

Among the Vatican treasures are the world’s largest collections of ancient Greek texts, ancient Arabic texts, ancient Latin texts and ancient Hebrew texts. In addition, the Vatican owns the largest pornography collection in the world.

There are solid gold thrones and literally tons of solid gold altar accessories and ecclesiastical nick-knacks, uncounted marble and bronze masterpieces, gold objets d’art from all over the world, huge medieval tapestries, billions in real estate and well over 5 billion dollars in cash, bonds and other liquid assets.

Spanning nearly nine miles, the Vatican collection of paintings is the largest and most stunning in the world. The Vatican museums feature the art of all the great Renaissance artists including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and, of course, Michelangelo. Many of its more recent art acquisitions are rumored to have been looted from wealthy Jewish families during the Holocaust. The Vatican never made any effort to return these treasures to the rightful heirs. Their collaboration with the Nazis was not only politically expedient, it was also very profitable.

Against this backdrop of obscene riches, Pope Francis has said money is “the Devil’s dung” and not having children is ‘selfish’, while he lives in unimaginable luxury and rules over the largest group of ‘selfish’ childless people in the world.

Selling the assets of the Vatican and taxing all the churches would make it possible to entirely eliminate hunger in the world and provide an basic education for everyone.

If the Church had any real interest in alleviating poverty and hunger in the world, it would sell the holdings of the Vatican and give the money to the poor. The pope could quit and get a real job, maybe selling cars instead of bullshit.

Some people have a pathological need for religion, we understand that. But no one needs the Vatican and no one needs the pope.


* Thee Changing Face of U.S. Catholic Parishes — Mark M. Gray, Mary L. Gautier, and Melissa A. Cidade

Want to Kill Your Child Legally? Try Faith Healing!

There is currently only one way that you can legally murder your own child or children in the United States, and this easy-to-follow guide will show you how to do it.


Religious Beliefs Buffet

Eeny meeny miney moe, Christianity makes my penis grow!

Step One: Profess a religious belief.

It doesn’t matter which religious belief you claim to have as long as you claim that it’s a “sincerely held” belief. Christianity makes the most frequent appearance in the “senseless child death arena” so you can’t go wrong picking any of the Christian denominations: Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Pentecostal- just find one you like and claim it.

(If you’re a follower of Islam, you can skip this whole guide and just beat your child to death– rarely will anyone even bat an eyelash.)


Step Two: Let your child get sick.

One of the best ways to do this is through mistreatment and neglect. You can also claim they’re “demon possessed” and exorcise them. Exorcisms often include starvation, beating, whipping, and other general forms of abuse, but be careful– you don’t want to leave obvious marks or those pesky cops may try to make an issue of it.

Another great way to foster illness in your child is to not vaccinate them. This one is super-easy and doesn’t require you to do anything! With any luck your child will contract measles, mumps, Rubella, polio, or some other potentially fatal disease.

The main worry here is the Lord will protect and provide your child (if that’s His will). Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that He doesn’t do anything to interfere with your plans. The downside of not vaccinating your child is that all those other people who have vaccinated their children mean that it’s getting downright tricky to find an infection vector. Visit the most devout neighborhoods you can find and attend church regularly so your child is around other unvaccinated kids. If you can get them to cough on each other, so much the better.


Step Three: Do Nothing.

This is the easy part. As your child gets sicker and sicker, do nothing. Don’t take them to any doctors, don’t administer any medication, and don’t treat their condition in any way. This is critical.

You can, however, pretend to be helping your child by praying, all the while safe in the knowledge that your prayers will have absolutely no helpful effect whatsoever. It’s like a double-win with Bonus Points for you. You get to pretend you’re doing something while you’re actually doing nothing. How cool is that? But it gets even better!

"Don't worry, honey, I'm praying really hard!

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, God will save you! And if he doesn’t, your death was just meant to be.”


The worse your child gets, the more you should pray. This will give you credibility in the eyes of your church and your chosen religion.

In fact, it will boost your perceived worth enormously as your religious friends and family talk about how devout you are and how strong your faith is.

Think about it: your faith is so strong that you’d even let your kid die rather than have any doubts about your religion.


As soon as your child dies, move on to Step Four. Be patient, let your child suffer in agony as long as you need to. Never give up hope that they’ll die, just hang in there until it happens.


Step Four: Cry and Claim Your Religious Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

NOTE: The police or some busy-body social service agency may try and hold you accountable for letting your child die. Don’t let them! Insist loudly that your religious beliefs strictly prohibit you giving your child any medical treatment. And that’s your right under the law, so don’t take any guff about it. If anyone dares to question your action, get all pious on them and claim that they’re trying to prohibit you from practicing your religion. Say that over and over.

It’s important to cry publicly for the cameras and confess that the child died because your faith “wasn’t strong enough”. Blame yourself, but make sure to mention that this was God’s will, after all. I mean, you didn’t want your child to die, just look at all the praying you did! Nope, it was God’s will and that’s that. (This especially important to repeat on the stand in court, assuming you were even charged with anything.) Try and work it in several times, but don’t overdo it.

In 99% of cases you won’t even be charged with anything. Sometimes there will be talk of “neglect” or some other poofy, liberal do-gooder term, but don’t back down.

If, against all odds, you are charged with some “crime” for letting your child die needlessly, take heart in the fact that in 99% of those cases where the parents are charged, they still walk free. Chances are you’ll never spend one second in jail no matter how heinous your neglect was or how senseless and preventable the child’s death was.



Step Five: Keep Up Appearances.

At the funeral and forever after, mention frequently that you did your best but “it was God’s decision” to take your child (to heaven, of course!).


Whoops, sorry about that, folks!

Always say that your faith just wasn’t strong enough to save your child. This will gain you the sympathy vote and also cement your reputation as a good, “God fearing” person.

It’s also a good idea to put up an elaborate shrine to the child in your home to show how serious you are and how much you miss them.

Always include some heartfelt phrase above the shine like “God’s Chosen One” or “Heaven Needed Another Angel” for maximum effect.

That’s it! We told you it would be easy, didn’t we?



We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on “How To Murder Your Child And Get Away With It“. Please feel free to let us know how these techniques worked for you in the comments section below.


Best Preachers Of 2014

Here are our choices for the best preachers of 2014; or worst, depending on your point of view.

Listen to this clip and you will find out why Steven Anderson says men should pee standing up even though “…the President of the United States probably pees sitting down.”

Wildly delusional Cindy Jacobs, over chips and salsa, stops a coup d’état in Ghana, discusses mass murder in “Washing, D.C.” and raises the dead.

And last but least, a nervous and confused unidentified preacher explains why god is “dumb energy that doesn’t exist.”

The world needs more theologically addled preachers like these…


Spanish Priest Arrested for ‘Gender Violence’ Exorcisms

jesus-hernandezExorcist And Child Abuser Jesús Hernández Sahagún

Valladolid, Spain

March 18.2015

If this one priest has performed 200 exorcisms in the past four and a half years, we wonder how many people worldwide have been denied proper medical care for treatable mental and physical illnesses because of this barbaric practice from the Dark Ages.

A priest has been arrested in Burgos for performing repeated exorcisms on an underage girl suffering from anorexia.

A judge in Burgos has called for the arrest of exorcist, Jesús Hernández Sahagún, along with the girl’s priest after she went through 13 exorcisms while still a minor.

Sahagún, the official exorcist of Valladolid, is facing charges of gender violence, causing injury and mistreatment according to local newspaper, Diario de Burgos, and has been asked to make a statement on the events.

The events date back to 2012, when the girl began to suffer from anorexia. According to El País, her religious parents became convinced she was possessed by the devil and decided to have their child exorcised.

She was tied up and had crucifixes positioned over her head, according to El País.

The girl subsequently attempted suicide and an investigation was launched after her aunts and uncles filed a complaint.

In an interview with El Mundo in December 2014, Hernández Sahagún defended the 13 exorcisms, explaining the girl was “possessed by the devil”. He also told the Spanish newspaper that he had performed 200 exorcisms over the past four and a half years.

In December 2014, the archbishop of Burgos issued a statement saying “the young woman’s suicide attempt was not a result of the exorcisms practiced on her.”   How would you know, you self-serving son of a bitch?

He also defended exorcisms as “a religious practice maintained as part of the Church’s tradition, as a right available to all the faithful.”

In July 2014, Pope Francis made exorcisms official Catholic practice, with the Vatican hailing them as “a form of charity”.

“A form of charity”?!?! Are you fucking kidding?

There are currently around 15 priests in Spain with Church authorization to conduct exorcisms and in 2013 a specialist exorcism squad was chosen in Madrid to tackle the “unprecented rise in demonic possession”

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