Same-Sex Marriage

Gays Still Causing Earthquakes

"Yes, I really am that stupid."

“Yes, I really am that stupid.”

An Italian priest has branded recent earthquakes that have shaken the country, killing hundreds and leaving tens of thousands homeless, as ‘divine punishment’ for gay civil unions.

The controversial comments have now sparked the wrath of the Vatican who have moved quickly to refute the outspoken views spoken by theologian Father Giovanni Cavalcoli.

Known for his hard-line views the priest is reported to have made the comments on October 30, the day central Italy was struck by a 6.6-magnitude quake — the most powerful to hit the country in 36 years

The earthquake was the third to rock the same region in just over two months.

Cavalcoli said on Radio Maria that the seismic shocks were “divine punishment” for “the offence to the family and the dignity of marriage, in particular through civil unions”.

The radio station distanced itself from his views with the Vatican also quick to come out with a stinging rebuke, saying the idea of a vengeful God was ‘a pagan vision’ dating from ‘the pre-Christian era’.

Cavalcoli, however, insisted to another radio station that earthquakes are indeed caused by “the sins of man” and telling the Vatican to “read their catechism”

How To Kill Off Your Own Religion

Brilliant move by the Moron Church. Oops, I meant the “Mormon” Church. Wait…on second thought, maybe I was right the first time.

So, how do you cripple your own church? By preventing new, young (and presumably more gullible) members from joining. Truly a masterstroke of genius. I see nothing that could possibly go wrong here. Nothing. *cough*

Mormons Sharpen Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage

Mormons: Dumber than a bag of hammers.

Children of same-sex couples will not be able to join the Mormon Church until they turn 18 — and only if they move out of their parents’ homes, disavow all same-sex relationships and receive approval from the church’s top leadership as part of a new policy adopted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In addition, Mormons in same-sex marriages will be considered apostates and ordered to undergo church disciplinary hearings that could lead to excommunication, a more rigid approach than the church has taken in the past.

The new policies are an effort by the church, which has long opposed same-sex marriage, to reinforce and even harden its doctrinal boundaries for its members at a time when small but increasing numbers of Mormons are coming out as gay or supportive of same-sex marriage.

. . .

The church also added a section to its handbook that said that the “natural or adopted” children of parents living in same-sex relationships (whether married or cohabiting) would not be blessed as babies or have a naming ceremony. These children are also excluded from baptism, which usually occurs at age 8, and from ordination into the priesthood, which Mormon males qualify for at age 12. The children may not be recommended to serve as missionaries, which is a rite of passage for many Mormon youth.

Under the new rules, a child of a same-sex couple may join the church only after age 18 by meeting these conditions: commits “to live the teachings and doctrine of the church and specifically disavows the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage”; not live with a parent who is in a same-sex relationship; and receives approval from local church leaders and the church’s First Presidency — the uppermost leadership of the church.

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Uh-Oh, God Better Watch Out Now

In this video, Alabama Public Service Commissioner Chip Beeker complains about people being mean to his god, and says, “God is under attack….

I always thought that an all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipotent god wouldn’t have much to worry about in terms of anyone or anything attacking him.

I mean, he’s god, right? But apparently you can attack the all-powerful Creator of the Universe just by saying things about Him.

Well, I tell you what- God just better watch his back, lest we sneak up on him and pop a cap in his pansy ass.

Gay Marriage Ruling Caused The Floods

Really, Todd Starnes?

You’re claiming that the Supreme Court’s ruling recognizing same-sex marriage was literally responsible for the flooding in Washington D.C.? Do you really expect anyone over the age of six (and fundamentalists, of course) to believe that and take you seriously?


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