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Ohio Pastor And Wife Rob Sunday School Teacher At Gunpoint In Their Church

February 20. 2018

Anthony Morris – “Bitch, I’ll kill you.” 

Zelda Morris

A downtown Toledo pastor and his family are accused of robbing a Sunday school teacher at the church over the weekend.

St. Paul’s AME Zion Church Pastor Anthony Morris, 49, along with his wife, Zelda Morris, 46, and 19-year-old daughter Kamali Morris, are each charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony.

Nickema Turner, 39, of Maumee was teaching Sunday school at the church, 954 Belmont Ave., when the younger woman grabbed her by the hair, according to a Toledo police report.

Mrs. Morris then began punching Ms. Turner, police said. The pastor also pushed Ms. Turner to the ground, according to the police report.

During the assault, Mrs. Morris is accused of dumping items from Ms. Turner’s purse and taking them.

Ms. Turner attempted to recover her belongings when Mr. Morris allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at her, police said. The woman told police the pastor threatened to kill her.

Two prescription bottles, a Taser, and a cell phone were taken from Ms. Turner’s purse, according to the police report. The cell phone was recovered, but the glass was broken.

The Morris family, who reside in the 3000 block of Evergreen Road, fled the church before police arrived. The couple have been arrested, though the daughter has yet to be located, according to Toledo police.

Ms. Turner was treated at the scene by Toledo Fire and Rescue crews. Ms. Turner and independent witnesses verified the information to police detectives.


We think Anthony has lost his place in the running for Pastor of the Year.

An Open Invitation To Pope Francis

February 18. 2018

FuckThePope.com gets a lot of traffic from Vatican City so we assume that Pope Francis reads our posts religiously.

We decided to extend a formal invitation to Pope Francis to meet online at his convenience with Engelbert Humperdink, our board chairman, for a live, no-holds-barred discussion of clergy sex abuse, Vatican financial crimes and the future of the Catholic Church. This offer will be honored throughout 2018 or until he resigns like his pussy predecessor.

We look forward to his acceptance.

Church of England vicar is caught on video inhaling from a crack pipe and discussing prostitutes as he says ‘I’m a very happy man’

February 18. 2018


 Stennett Kirby, a very happy druggie


A Church of England vicar has apparently been caught on video inhaling from a crack pipe and discussing prostitutes.

The 64-year-old priest was seen sitting on a sofa with a friend and apparently watching porn and talking about escorts, according to The Sun on Sunday.

Stennett Kirby is the vicar of West Ham Parish Church in Stratford and has held the position since 2007.

The video reportedly shows him lighting up a pipe and separately snorting powdered cocaine.

He is said to have talked about paying for a female escort, saying: ‘I wish I could. If I had money, I would. I’ve only got £10 left.’

GOP Candidate Steve Lonegan Advocates Returning ‘Prayer To The Classroom’ To Stop School Shootings

February 17, 2018

Another GOP candidate recommends wearing yellow socks on alternate Thursdays to stop school shootings. That has a better chance of working.


Steve Lonegan, our pick for idiot of the week month.


At a time when many people are fed up with the empty “thoughts and prayers” of politicians after every mass shooting, a Republican congressional candidate is doubling down and arguing that making thoughts and prayers more regular would perhaps be a solid step toward solving the problem.

The country would not be experiencing so many mass shootings if it had not “deteriorated to this point morally,” said conservative Republican Steve Lonegan, who is running to represent the GOP in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district.

Oh… New Jersey. That explains it.


He made the statements in a Thursday radio interview on the Kevin McCullough Show, which Democratic opposition research group American Bridge first spotted.

Lonegan added that he would be a “big advocate” for returning prayer to the classroom.

“My own wife has been a Catholic school teacher now for 37 years, and they have to do drills for this kind of a purpose ― how to shut down the classrooms,” he said. “It’s just so disturbing that society has deteriorated to this point morally that we’re confronted with this. And if there’s ever a time to return prayer to the classroom, now’s the time. That’s something I would be a big advocate for. Fortunately in my wife’s school they have prayer in the classroom.”

Oprah Is Waiting For The Voices In Her Head To Tell Her What To Do

February 16,  2018



Let’s hope she never holds public office. Who knows what the voices might tell her to do?


Winfrey tells Overtime that she never intended to create the buzz in the first place. She says she was “stunned” by the reaction and insists her speech was not an attempt to wade into politics.

“I was just trying to give a good speech,” she says. “I was looking for a way to express what was going on in this moment in terms of gender and class and race. I cared about landing that speech in the room.”

Outside the room, Winfrey says campaign financiers took notice.

“I had a lot of wealthy men calling, telling me that they would run my campaign and raise $1 billion for me,” Winfrey says. “I think that when you have that many people whose opinions you value coming at you, it’s worthy of thinking about.”

But Winfrey told Overtime that she has not heard the call to higher office: “And wouldn’t I know? Because if God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kinda tell me? And I haven’t heard that,” she says.

Police seeking California pastor accused of sexually assaulting child after forcing way into hotel room

February 12, 2018

Douglas Rivera, child molester


Detectives are looking for a Glendale pastor accused of forcing his way into a Covina hotel room and sexually assaulting a girl visiting from China on Wednesday night. Covina police on Friday identified Douglas Rivera, 40, of Baldwin Park as a person of interest in the assault.

While accusing him of the crime, police stopped short of using the word “suspect.” Investigators found his pickup truck in the 13000 block of Plascencia Court in Baldwin Park Friday night, according to Lt. Trevor Gaumer.  He said the outside of the truck has been sprayed with Rhino Liner, a spray-on truck bed liner. Gaumer said the vehicle will be taken as evidence. But Rivera eluded detectives. “Still no sign of him,”

Pope Francis Caught In Another Lie Over His Knowledge Of Bishops’ Sex Abuse

February 6, 2018

Letter To Pope Ties Bishop To Sex Abuse That Francis Denied Knowing About.

He continues to lie to protect child sex abusers.


The 2015 letter contradicts the pope’s claim that there was no evidence linking the controversial Chilean bishop to a coverup.

A victim’s graphic letter describing sexual abuse by a priest that was witnessed by a controversial Chilean bishop was hand-delivered to Pope Francis three years ago — contradicting the pontiff’s claims that he was unaware anyone had come forward about a coverup, The Associated Press reports.

The eight-page letter, a copy of which was obtained by the AP, was reportedly delivered to the pope by Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley in 2015. The letter detailed sexual abuse that the victim said was witnessed by Bishop Juan Barros, according to AP.

The Vatican didn’t comment on the report. But last week, the Vatican suddenly announced that new details had emerged about Barros, and that it was sending its top sex-crimes investigator to “listen to those who want to submit information in their possession,” Reuters reported.

The letter and its history emerged after the pope’s contentious visit to Chile last month. He apologized and expressed compassion for victims of clergy sexual abuse. But he also staunchly defended Barros, whom many accuse of covering up abuse by notorious pedophile the Rev. Fernando Karadima.

Francis even accused critics of Barros of slander. He said that there was no evidence linking the bishop to abuse, and that no victims had come forward.

But four members of the pope’s Commission for the Protection of Minors told AP that they flew to Rome in 2015 and met with O’Malley to discuss their concerns about the pope’s appointment of Barros that year as a bishop of Osorno, Chile, over objections. O’Malley, who has had extensive experience dealing with sex abuse in Boston, is president the Commission for the Protection of Minors. The commission members gave O’Malley the letter from the victim, and asked him to deliver it to Francis.

“He assured us he would give it to the pope and speak of the concerns,’’ then-commission member Marie Collins told the AP. ‘‘At a later date, he assured us that that had been done.’’

The victim, Juan Cruz, who now lives in Philadelphia,  told AP that O’Malley also told him the letter was delivered.

‘‘Cardinal O’Malley called me after the pope’s visit here in Philadelphia and he told me, among other things, that he had given the letter to the pope — in his hands,’’ Cruz said in an interview at his home Sunday.

Cruz came forward with the letter after reading news accounts about the pope denying knowing of any victims implicating Barros. The letter tells how Cruz wanted to kill himself after repeated abuse. He talked of a circle of boys and young men around Karadima who were repeatedly abused while Barros was often present.

Karadima was sentenced by the church in 2011 to a lifetime of ‘‘penance and prayer’’ for his crimes. He was not convicted in a court because too much time had elapsed since his crimes and he could not legally be prosecuted.

Karadima, 87, currently lives in a home for elderly priests in Santiago.

Google vs. God

January 31, 2018


Ten reasons, in no particular order, why Google is superior to God in all respects.


1. Google isn’t jealous and won’t condemn you for using Bing.

2. There are no temples to Google, nor do we feel the need to tell each other about the goodness of Google.

3. Google gives relevant, useful, and contemporary information.

4. Google gives consistent results which are updated as new info comes in.

5. Google is actually worldwide and multicultural.

6. One need not look too far, nor with great difficulty, to find Google.

7. There is only one Google.

8. Google isn’t limited to a few books or commentaries on them as the sole source of all info needed for every situation life may find you in.

9. Google is all about finding and sharing info, not stifling one’s sense of reason or search for truth.

10. No doubt 2,000 years from now no one will be arguing about the existence of Google

Volunteer Youth Worker in California Adventist Church Arrested for Sending Sexual Images to Teen

January 30, 2018

Luis CruzCruz, child predator



The Mercury News reports that Luis CruzCruz of Fremont (California) was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on January 17 accused of two counts of sending harmful matter to a minor. Bail has been set at $50,000.

According to the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) Internet Crimes Against Children and Child Exploitation Detail, CruzCruz allegedly sent multiple illicit images to the teen in November and December of 2017 and there is no evidence that the teen sent anything in response.

Sgt. Enrique Garcia of SJPD said that an examination of the device used by CruzCruz indicated that he may have sent illicit images to more than one person.

The church is part of the Adventist denomination’s Central California Conference.

Blackburn imam arrested after soliciting sex with a minor

January 30. 2018

Ashraf Sidat, child predator


The General Secretary of one of Blackburn’s biggest mosques has been suspended after being arrested on Thursday morning after allegedly trying to meet a 15-year-old boy for sex.

Mufti Ashraf Sidat, 45, of Masjid-e-Noorul Islam, was apprehended in a sting operation in Flixton, Manchester, by what appeared to be vigilante paedophile hunters.

Police arrested him shortly afterwards and he has since been released on bail until February 9.

Greater Manchester Police said in a statement: “At around 9.50am on Thursday 11 January 2018 police were called to Roedean Gardens in Flixton to a report of child grooming. Officers attended and a 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He has been bailed until 9 February 2018 pending further enquiries.”

Atheists are more intelligent than religious and agnostic people

January 30, 2018


Duh! For good examples see the two posts below.


“Dear god, do things my way.”


Religious people are not as smart as atheists, according to new research.

Scientists claim believers have diminished intelligence because they rely on intuition and not facts.

The strength of religious conviction is inversely linked with intellect, researchers found.

Religious people are less smart than atheists, according to new research.

Religious people are less smart than atheists, according to new research.

Researchers led by Imperial College London surveyed more than 63,000 participants on online tasks that measured planning, reasoning, attention and memory.

Participants indicated whether they were atheist, religious or agnostic and completed a 30-minute set of 12 cognitive tasks.

Scientists found that the effect of religiosity was robust regardless of people’s age, education and country of origin.

Agnostics are smarter than believers but less intelligent than atheists, researchers found.

‘Devout’ Christian Elder Killed His Wife And Staged Her Suicide

January 26, 2018


Stephen Allwine, a good Christian murderer


He didn’t want a divorce because divorce is a sin. Soon he’ll be married to a 300 pound cellmate named ‘Bubba’. No way to get out of that marriage, Steve.


A trial is under way in Minnesota for a husband, father and devout Christian who stands accused of shooting dead his wife and staging the crime scene to make it look like a suicide after failing to hire an assassin on the Dark Web.

Prosecutors allege that Stephen Allwine, 44, a deacon and church elder with the United Church of God, had at least three extramarital affairs with women he had met on the notorious cheaters’ website Ashley Madison, and that he no longer wanted to be married to his wife, Amy Allwine.

Because of his position within the church, which views marriage as a lifelong commitment and prohibits divorce for its members, Washington County prosecutor Jamie Kreuser told the court on Tuesday that the defendant decided to rid himself of Amy by killing her following a botched murder-for-hire plot.

Allwine, a church elder, is charged with first-degree premeditated murder in the November 2016 shooting death of wife

Amy, 44, a mother-of-one and a dog trainer, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head inside the family’s home in Cottage Grove on the evening of November 13, 2016.

Her husband told police he and their adopted son discovered the body and suggested that Amy had taken her own life, but police quickly determined that physical and ballistic evidence were inconsistent with a suicide.

Stephen, an information technology specialist, was arrested after a two-month investigation and was initially charged with second-degree murder, before a grand jury indicted him on a charge of first-degree premeditated murder in March 2017. The upgraded count carries a mandatory life sentence.

Kreuser told the court on Tuesday that months before Amy’s death, her philandering spouse had begun scouring the Dark Web in search of a hit man to kill his wife, reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Using the nickname ‘dogdaygod,’ the prosecutor alleged that Stephen went on a website called Besa Mafia, which has been used to solicit murders and assaults for hire, and forked out $6,000 for a hit on his wife Amy, which was never carried out.

According to the prosecution, Stephen then decided to take matters into his own hands and concocted an elaborate plot, which involved sending his wife threatening emails urging her to kill herself, buying the nausea drug scoplamine – dubbed the ‘devils’ drug’ for its ability to erase memory – and ultimately killing her and disguising the crime as a suicide.


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